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Melissa McCarthy's New Movie 'Tammy' Is Getting Mediocre Reviews at Best

Melissa McCarthy's latest film Tammy hits theaters today, and so far critics are feeling pretty meh about the film the comedian wrote, produced, and starred in with her husband Ben Falcone onboard as co-writer and director. McCarthy has been on a steady rise to mainstream fame since her breakout role in 2011's Bridesmaids, so the critical reception to Tammy — which ranges from drab to mildly entertained — is a bit of a letdown considering all the hype around the idea of McCarthy writing and starring in her own movie. Most critics seem to agree on three things: McCarthy gives a solid but sometimes confusing performance, Susan Sarandon [...]

Dan Aykroyd and Allison Janney to Join Melissa McCarthy's 'Tammy'

Melissa McCarthy is lining up quite an impressive cast for Tammy, her first movie as director. Variety reports that Dan Aykroyd and Allison Janney are both in talks to join the cast, which also includes McCarthy, Mark Duplass, Susan Sarandon, and Kathy Bates. Tammy will mark the first movie as screenwriters and directors for McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone, who are serving as co-writers and co-directors on the project. The film follows a woman named Tammy (McCarthy) who hits the road with her profane, alcoholic grandmother (Sarandon) after finding out her husband is cheating on her and quitting her fast food job. Aykroyd is in negotiations to [...]

Megan Mullally Talks Childrens Hospital, the Party Down Movie, and a Tammy vs. Tammy Showdown

In the past two years, Megan Mullally has had pivotal roles on three of the most critically-acclaimed comedies on TV, starring on Childrens Hospital and Party Down and recurring on her husband Nick Offerman’s series, Parks and Recreation. The trio of characters she plays on these shows has displayed her diverse abilities, ranging from a sex-crazed, handicapped hospital boss to a caring stage mother to a devilish and manipulative librarian. As if playing such disparate roles with aplomb weren’t enough to show off Mullally’s versatility, she’s also an accomplished musician, has numerous Broadway credits, and has won two Emmys for playing Karen Walker on the long-running sitcom Will & [...]

Here's the Full Trailer for Melissa McCarthy's New Movie, 'Tammy'

This is the second trailer for Melissa McCarthy's new movie, Tammy, and the first real glimpse of it we've seen besides a short teaser released earlier this year. Set to come out on 4th of July weekend, Tammy has all the trappings of a 4th of July movie: fireworks, jet skis, and a fast food restaurant robbery.

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone in Talks to Make Their Directorial Debut with 'Tammy'

Just days after starting up a production company with three movies in development, Melissa McCarthy and her husband/writing partner Ben Falcone are in talks to co-direct their first movie, which McCarthy will also star in, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is called Tammy, and McCarthy and Falcone wrote and sold the script back in 2011. Longtime SNL director Beth McCarthy-Miller was going to direct it but dropped out last year. Tammy tells the story of a lady who, after getting laid off from her job at Hardee's and finding her husband cheating on her, sets off on a road trip with her vulgar, diabetic [...]

The First Trailer for Melissa McCarthy's 'Tammy' Is Here

Here's the first trailer for Tammy, Melissa McCarthy's newest film costarring Susan Sarandon, Dan Aykroyd, Allison Janney, Kathy Bates, Toni Collette, Mark Duplass, and Sandra Oh. Go figure this trailer would be released the one week in 2014 when wearing a brown paper bag as a mask is not only popular but a deep artistic statement. Tammy doesn't hit theaters until July 4th, but in the meantime you've got a good 30 seconds of Melissa McCarthy dancing to "Gangsta's Paradise" in a parking lot wearing Crocs to play over and over.

Trade Roundup: Melissa McCarthy, Happy Endings, Megan Mullally and More

Melissa McCarthy's script Tammy has a director: Tate Taylor, the director of The Help. The script, which McCarthy wrote with her husband Ben Falcone, is about "an overweight woman who is laid off from her job at Hardee’s, discovers her husband is having an affair, and decides to go on a road trip with her alcoholic, foul-mouthed, diabetic grandmother." Sounds like a rollicking good time if I've ever heard one.

ABC has ordered full seasons of Happy Endings and Last Man Standing. Great news about Happy Endings, but the homophobia, xenophobia, everything-that-isn't-a-white-male-phobia festival that is Last Man Standing? Gross. More like Last Me Puking, right?

Fox [...]