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Kumail Nanjiani Plays the Unmarketable Dhalsim in 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

In the newest installment of Pete Holmes's Street Fighter-themed web series, Kumail Nanjiani plays the slow and stretchy Indian yogi Dhalsim, who Holmes calls out for being completely unmarketable and a walking contradiction who doesn't even know what yoga is.

Pete Holmes Calls Vega's Claw an Insurance Liability in 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

In the second episode of his new Street Fighter-themed web series, Pete Holmes interviews Vega, the fancypants pretty boy from Spain who insists on wearing a mask, fighting with a huge claw, and crawling up chain link fences to avoid getting his beautiful face hit. Holmes tries to explain to Vega just how big of an insurance liability the claw is given he's the only fighter with a weapon, and it's nice to see Vega exposed as the cheating wuss he truly is.

Pete Holmes Pitches a Movie Idea to Judd Apatow

The Pete Holmes Show returned to the airwaves last night, and Holmes sat down with superstar comedy filmmaker Judd Apatow to pitch him a movie. Apatow is pretty straightforward about what he looks for in his leading male actors — they've got to be Jewish and they've got to have a "comedy penis" — and Holmes demonstrated that he's willing to do anything to star in an Apatow film.

Pete Holmes Renames Ryu's Spinning Kick in 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

Ryu has always seemed to make himself overly complicated in Street Fighter, and Pete Holmes has addressed that in what I hope is the first of many episodes of his new series "Street Fighter Red Tape," in which he guides Ryu (played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar) through some "pre-approved fight statements" as well as some deeper questions involving Ryu's sexual preferences.

Pete Holmes Answers Fans' Burning Valentine's Day Questions

The Pete Holmes Show returns for a second season February 24th on TBS, so Holmes decided to gear up for the show with this new video fit for the Valentine's Day season. Sending deepest sympathies to all the hopeless romantics out there who are currently stuck inside a water slide.

A Guide to Your Favorite Late Night and Sketch TV Writers on Twitter

There are tons of great late night and sketch comedy shows on television these days, and behind each one is a staff of writers hard at work to ensure their respective late night host or starring cast puts on the funniest and most finely tuned performance possible. We're in the midst of a rerun week for shows like Conan, SNL, and The Daily Show, so with that in mind, here's a complete writing staff breakdown of some of the best sketch and late night shows on TV, including a handy guide to whose Twitter feeds you can invade to get your minute-by-minute comedy fix.

Jenny Slate and Pete Holmes Have a Girly Chat

The delightful Jenny Slate was a guest on last night's Pete Holmes Show, and she and Pete got extra comfy for a "Gabbin' Like Gals" segment in which they cover frightened farts, robbers, shorts forts, Jenny's favorite sexual things, Pete's homemade shampoo recipe, and more. She also makes plenty of silly sound effects.

Watch Conan O'Brien Deliver a Bunch of Valentine's Flower Bouquets

Here's Conan O'Brien's latest remote segment, in which he hangs out at a flower shop and delivers some flowers to people on Valentine's Day and makes people cry (tears of joy, don't worry).

Mel Brooks to Appear on Conan O'Brien's Tribute Episode to Sid Caesar

Next week, Conan O'Brien is doing an extended tribute to comedy great Sid Caesar, who passed away Wednesday, and Mel Brooks is set to appear on it to discuss Caesar's career, TBS announced today. O'Brien gave a heartfelt speech about Caesar on his show Wednesday night, but will devote a good chunk of his episode on Tuesday the 18th to Caesar with Brooks sharing "his unique personal and professional stories" about working with the deceased.

Conan Gets Zombiefied in This 'Walking Dead'-Themed Cold Open

What was Mr. O'Brien up to the night of Leno's last Tonight Show? Conan had the cast of The Walking Dead on as guests last night, and the cold open for the episode was transformed to fit the walkers theme. Conan really seems to enjoy that makeup (or lack thereof).

'Conan' Will Air a Week of Shows in Dallas Featuring Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Tig Notaro, and More

Here's a promo for Conan's week of shows in Dallas, which will take place at the Magestic Theater from March 31st through April 3rd, right before the NCAA Final Four and National Championship. Here's the full lineup, which includes a bunch of dudes plus the wonderful Tig Notaro:

Monday, March 31: Adam Sandler and comedian Tig Notaro Tuesday, April 1: Seth Rogen and musical guest Phillip Phillips Wednesday, April 2: Simon Helberg and musical guest Eli Young Band Thursday April 3: Charles Barkley

New Material Seinfeld Pays Pete Holmes a Visit

Last week Jerry Seinfeld did standup on The Tonight Show, and last night New Material Seinfeld did standup on The Pete Holmes Show. One of them joked about cell phones and the United States Postal Service, and the other one joked about hardwood floors and typewriters. Does it really matter which one is a real human being and which one is a blue felt puppet wearing a tiny Jerry Seinfeld wig?

Watch Fortune Feimster Do Standup on 'Conan'

Between getting a starring role on Tina Fey's upcoming Fox show, a half-hour Comedy Central special, and a standup spot on last night's Conan, Fortune Feimster has been one busy lady lately. Above, watch Feimster's Conan set, which covers everything from Hooters t-shirts to softball as a gateway sport to her resemblance to the Honey Boo Boo family.

Watch Ron Funches Talk Black Tuba Players and Defective Cats on 'Conan'

Rob Funches — who was announced as one of the standups who got a Comedy Central half-hour special this week — made his second appearance on Conan last night. Funches covers everything from black tuba players to American feline obesity statistics in his five-minute set, and really, what better way to start Valentine's Day than some jokes about defective Humane Society cats?