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The Complete Guide to Everything: 2013 Year in Review

This week Tim finds out he wasn’t invited to the annual Complete Guide to Everything corporate Christmas party due to his behavior last year and we discuss the year that was: 2013. No stone is left unturned as we talk about the year’s biggest celebrity break-ups, “buzzwords” and other “events”.

Also we give an Englishman advice about how to woo American women by acting like Hugh Grant.

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The Complete Guide to Everything: Home Invasion

This week’s episode starts off with the exciting announcement that Tom has used a whole container of milk for the first time in his adult life. Of course, this then leads to a conversation about making butter in Kindergarten and which is better: Seamless or Delivery.com.

Later in the episode we discuss possibly living solely on emergency rations and Tim talks about wanting to to change his name to Sam Malone and the proximity of White Castle to his new apartment before recounting the terrifying tale of coming home to find all of his doors unlocked and open.

Finally the episode ends with Tim and Tom solving a problem [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: Chicago

October's the time for outdoor autumnal activities. In Tom's case that means traveling to Long Island to tour wineries, go pumpkin picking, visiting a corn maze and running into Arnold Schwarzenegger in Manhattan. In Tim's case that means going to the Bronx to walk around a cemetery at night with a bunch of elderly people, which of course leads to a debate about the reality Michael Jackson's Thriller video is set in.

This week Tom recounts his recent trip to Chicago and the midwest for the first time ever where he discovers how big lakes can be (really big), the numerous ways entrepreneurs are ripping off the Chicago Cubs, [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: Vampires

Hello there, dear Splitsider reader. We're Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds and we host a podcast called The Complete Guide to Everything, which is now part of the Splitsider Podcast Network. Since this is our first episode on Splitsider, we thought we'd take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and explain what our podcast is all about. Every week we tackle a new topic and talk about it, in an effort to vanquish Wikipedia as the definitive guide to all world knowledge. The catch is we really don't do much in the way of "research," you see. So, you probably won't learn anything, except that we're jealous of teenagers, we're [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: Open Letters

This week Tim discusses having to find a new chiropractor who isn’t a racist, and his extensive collection of swords and letter openers. The idea of the Joker surrounding himself with henchmen with heart conditions is dissected before moving onto the main topic: Open Letters.

We discuss a man’s open letter to a restaurant demanding an employee be fired for not letting him wear his $1,500 creep toy as well as Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus. We also solve a listener problem concerning being on the other end of unrequited love while trying not to ruin Christmas for everyone.

This week's episode is brought to you [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: Live in Manchester – Conspiracy Theories

This week we're putting out a live episode from our somewhat recent Europe tour. This is the first night in Manchester at The King's Arms. Included are some stories about us visiting an optical illusion museum in Edinburgh and almost missing our flight from Dublin because we're extremely out of shape. This episode also marks the first time Tim tries out some of his new topical political humor on a Manchester audience before we get into the real topic of the show: Conspiracy Theories. We manage to cover reptilian humanoids living amongst us, the connection between the JFK assassination and Billy Joel, as well as whether or not dinosaurs [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: The Future of Technology (iPhone 5, MakerBot and Google Glasses)

This week the guys decide to take a look at three products defining the future of technology: The iPhone 5, MakerBot and Google Glasses. Before anything of substance is discussed though some housekeeping takes place in the form of Tim being admonished for last week's episode and Steven Tyler leaving the show. Later Tim is compared to a low-rent Watson who can't wait an extra day for his iPhone 5 to arrive, followed by discussion of texting via morse code and the time Tim was stuck up in the crow's nest of a cruise ship.

Moving onto MakerBot, Tim and Tom pitch the idea making robots with feelings so [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: Personal Finance

This week we’re talking about personal finance, and to kick it off we decide to talk about a bunch of things we don’t understand, such as the iPhone app Bitstrips, the NSA, running robots, soldiers’ personal assistants, Second Life destroying relationships, addicting iPhone games and Snapchat.

Later Tom rants about the new fancy pants “Coin” credit credit bluetooth do-hicky for your phone while simultaneously defending his nerd watch, leading to Tim demanding to go through Tom’s wallet card by card live on air. Tim also talks about the time his identity was stolen and resulted in fraudulent adult website charges on his credit card as Tom explains how he [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: FrankenStorm (YouTube Live Edition)

This week we get completely interrupted by a Frankenstorm hurricane named Sandy. While many lesser podcasts would say, "Sorry everyone, we can't record this week." We said, "Sorry everyone, we can't record this week." and then did a Live Google+ Hangout anyway. If you really want to fully experience this episode you'll watch it on our YouTube page since there are a few visual jokes and the audio is kinda sorta terrible. However, we do discuss our new apartments, hurricane preparedness and not much else in this terrible fake episode.

The Complete Guide to Everything: 'Doctor Who'

High concept experimental episode time! This week Tom spends 20 minutes trying to explain 50 years of Doctor Who lore to Tim, someone who does not know or care about Doctor Who in the least.

After Tim's insistence that Doctor Who is really just Quantum Leap with an attractive redhead, Tom bets Tim that if he watches three hand selected episodes of Doctor Who ("Blink," "The 11th Hour," and "Victory of the Daleks") he'd be bound to like it. We then hop in the TARDIS and travel 4 days into the future to see if it worked. Will he succumb? Well we're certainly not going to tell you here, [...]