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Ian Edwards on Releasing His Debut Standup Album Via Conan O'Brien's Team Coco Records

Team Coco Records launched last week with the release of Ian Edwards's debut standup album, 100% Half-Assed. On the album, Edwards skillfully mixes his candid, day-to-day observations with a sudden and surprising surrealism. He is a master of misdirection. Trying to keep ahead of Edwards's creative mind is an exercise in futility: as soon as you think you know where one joke is heading, he yanks the sails. It's not long before Edwards has capsized your expectations and left you floating in a sea of wit.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Edwards about the pleasure of working with Team Coco and where we can expect to hear [...]

Paul Scheer's TED Talk Tackles the Controversial Honey-as-Dipping-Sauce Issue

Paul Scheer teamed up with Conan to put together a TED Talk in which he tackles some of the most important issues of our day: whatever crowdsourced microfunding is, living your best life while asleep, and why people dip chicken fingers into honey. All with the help of one of those stupid headset mics, which everybody knows make you look way smarter.

Watch Conan O'Brien Play (and Make Fun of) Atari Games

Here's the latest episode of Conan O'Brien's web series, Clueless Gamer, in which he plays a different video game each time and makes fun of it a bunch. Here, he's playing a selection of decades-old games on an Atari system, including the E.T. game, which O'Brien says, "simulates the cycles of depression."

Watch Conan O'Brien Get Really Frustrated by 'Halo 4'

Here's Conan O'Brien playing Halo 4 for his web series "Clueless Gamer." He voiced a character for the game, but don't expect him to stay awake while playing it.

Red Star Rising: Conan's Ratings Are on the Upswing

While Conan's move from NBC to basic cable hasn't been a massive success — the show's ratings are generally near the bottom of all major late night shows — it's been on an upswing lately, at least according to TBS. In fact, the Conan audience grew by a generous 25% this quarter, helping deliver six consecutive months of improving growth in the coveted 18-49 demographic. TBS also claims that the audience's median age of 35 is the lowest of all late night talk shows, but it doesn't mention The Daily Show or The Colbert Report in its comparisons. Sure, anybody can beat Jay Leno's geriatric audience, but [...]

Team Coco Is Launching a Comedy Label This Summer

Conan O'Brien has always been one to help spotlight up-and-coming standups, and Deadline reports that Team Coco is planning to take that even further by launching a comedy label this summer. The company says the idea for the new record label "was born of a desire to help shine a spotlight on rising comedians while allowing them more creative control and a greater stake in the success of the release." The first release from the Team Coco label will be the debut standup album from Ian Edwards called 100% Half Assed. Edwards has appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Late Night with Conan [...]

Conan O'Brien and Martin Short Did Some Serious Jibber-Jabbering

Martin Short joined Conan O'Brien for another of Conan's occasional long-form interview web show, Serious Jibber-Jabber. Conan's clearly a huge fan of the SCTV and SNL star, who he describes as one of the most respected, undeniable comedians around. "There's one name I reliably hear – funniest guy ever," Conan says at the beginning. "Martin Short. Consistently, you. Why? How have you perpetuated this fraud this long?"

Conan Reunited a Bunch of 'Simpsons' Writers for a Long Interview, Coming April 15th

Last year, Conan O'Brien launched his web series Serious Jibber-Jabber, a longform interview show that's seen him sitting down for hour-plus chats with the likes of Judd Apatow, Jack White, and Nate Silver. On Monday, he's debut a new episode that's a roundtable interview with a bunch of his fellow Simpsons writers. O'Brien, who served as a Simpsons writer/producer during its fourth and fifth seasons before leaving to become a talk show host, chose Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jeff Martin, and Jay Kogen to join him for the discussion, which, from the looks of this trailer, will be a rollicking good time.

Catching up with Former Conan Announcer Joel Godard

Though I can’t say this for certain, I’m going to go out on a limb and say there’s never been an another television announcer in broadcast history who appeared in an on-camera sketch sitting shirtless in a kiddie pool with a cabana boy on each arm.

But that was Joel Godard, and he did it with style.

Godard was the announcer for all 17 seasons of Late Night with Conan O’Brien on NBC. He wasn’t the first late night talk show announcer to step out from his offstage booth and appear on-camera, but he was the funniest. His willingness to do anything for a laugh, including going along [...]

Seal Did Not Appreciate Aziz Ansari's "Kiss From a Rose" Cover

Here's a Sneak Peak At Conan Jibber-Jabbering with Mel Brooks

Conan O'Brien has had some amazing guests on his web series Serious Jibber-Jabber, but next week he's sitting down with a true legend in comedy, Mel Brooks. The full episode premieres Monday, but here's a sneak peak, where they talk about anxiety, Richard Pryor, and lunch with Alfred Hitchcock.

Bill Burr Tells a Story About Bombing in Front of Eddie Murphy

Here's standup Bill Burr on Conan's web series Starstruck, telling a story about the time he was on tour in 2004 and got nervous and had a bad set in front of Eddie Murphy.

Watch Conan O'Brien Play 'Tomb Raider'

Here's the latest installment in the web series Clueless Gamer, in which non-video game player Conan O'Brien plays video games and does bits. It's basically eight minutes of Conan ogling Tomb Raider's Lara Croft, which will probably result in him being the first person ever to receive a restraining order from a video game character.

University of California, San Diego Briefly Changes its Name to "Conan O'Brien College" and Asks its Namesake Some Questions

In honor of a planned speaking engagement, UCSD changed its name for the day to "Conan O'Brien College." In his new position as king of the school, King Conan answered exactly the type of things you'd imagine college kids would ask, like: What's the craziest thing you did in college? Who was the most attractive person you've interviewed? How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Conan is able to take even the more mundane questions and get solid laughs out of them. The one question that wasn't asked but probably should've been was, "Wait, so universities are free to just change their names whenever they want? If so, why [...]