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Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson Turn The National's New Documentary into a Stage Play

Here's a new video Funny or Die made to help promote indie band The National's new documentary Mistaken for Strangers. In the video, respected thespians and former Bored to Death costars Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson decide to adapt the documentary into a stage play, and the result is a heated dramatic tale of two brothers whose lives are bound by love, music, and plenty of bickering.

Ted Danson Says the 'Bored to Death' TV Movie Is Being Written

Back in June, we reported that a 90-minute Bored to Death HBO movie was in the earliest stages of development, but now, word comes in from the series' star Ted Danson that creator Jonathan Ames is hard at work on a script. While speaking at the GQ Gentleman's Ball last week, The Wall Street Journal reports that Danson said, "The deal is about to be signed… [Jonathan Ames] is writing it as we speak. I’m very excited." He proceeded to spill the beans on some plot details: "I think Jason [Schwartzman] becomes a policeman, which means, for him, a traffic cop. He’ll have a traffic-cop go-kart kind [...]

Bored to Death Hangs Up Its Amateur Detective Trenchcoat

HBO has canceled Bored to Death after three seasons. Adios, many scenes of Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson smoking pot in cars.

Ted Danson Tells Conan About Doing Mushrooms with and Pantsing Woody Harrelson

Last night, Ted Danson told Conan about the time he and Woody Harrelson played hooky while working on Cheers to go on a boat and do some mushrooms. Click through to hear Danson recount another great offscreen Cheers memory when he pantsed Harrelson in retaliation for going commando on set.

Say Goodbye to the Next Hour of Your Life with This Amazing 'Cheers' Oral History

"I hope and assume that every good comedy writer, no matter the age, has a moment where they discover how great Cheers is…And I would encourage any young person getting into comedy to sit down and watch it," says Amy Poehler, in the introduction to an amazing new oral history of Cheers that was just published today in GQ. Writer Brian Raftery interviewed nearly 40 cast members, writers, and producers from the classic sitcom, and also Cheers fans from the next generation of TV like Poehler, Modern Family co-creator Christopher Lloyd, and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan. It's a long, fun, and occasionally heartbreaking read at eight pages, [...]

Bill Clinton Storms Celebrity Brains In New Funny Or Die Video

In all seriousness, imagine how delicious Sean Penn's lunch probably would be. I'm imagining a series of ever so sumptuous mousses and foams in an array of crystalline containers. Oh, and of course cookies, since he mentioned them by name. Billy Clinton (a typo, but I'm keeping it) turns to Hollywood's least greatest minds in Funny or Die's "Clinton Foundation: Celebrity Brainstorm" without much luck. Famous people might not be too smart, but at least their hearts are in the right place. Well, at least they are trying. Well, at least most of them are thin. Beautifully, beautifully thin!

Ted Danson Angrily Quits Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men's Club

A couple years ago, Jimmy Kimmel inducted TV icon Ted Danson into his Handsome Men's Club, but during an appearance on Kimmel's show last night, Danson resigned from the organization. Danson's reason is a mean joke Kimmel made about his hairpiece recently, and when he confronts Kimmel about it, it prompts him to half-apologize but to mostly just make more mean hair loss jokes.

'Bored to Death' Alive?

Clue #1) Ted Danson told a French journalist that a 90-minute Bored to Death movie is possibly in the works for HBO. Clue #2) HBO told Vulture that there have "been some conversations" but "it's at a very early stage." You don't have to be Jonathan Ames to solve the mystery that this is good and maybe great news. Just think about how much weed could be smoked, how many old women can be seduced, and how many sisters can be  incested(?) in 90 minutes.

Jenny Slate on Ted Danson: "He's Like the Sun!"

Here's Jenny Slate on her Bored to Death co-star Ted Danson: "Ted is a god. He’s so wise and such a good listener, and so inquisitive. I wish I knew his secret. I saw him on the street once before the show, and I remember I looked he just looked right at me and smiled. And I was like, Woah, Ted Danson! He’s so vibrant, I was like, 'He’s like the sun!' That’s the impression I had of him. And then when I met him, I felt the exact same way."