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Chris O'Dowd in Talks to Be in a Movie with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy

Chris O'Dowd may reunite with his Bridesmaids co-star Melissa McCarthy in St. Vincent De Van Nuys, a new comedy-drama that has Bill Murray in the lead role. Deadline reports that O'Dowd is in "early talks" to join the cast as a nice Catholic priest who is concerned about Murray's cranky misanthrope character mentoring a 12-year-old neighbor boy whose hardworking single mom (McCarthy) unwisely leaves him in Murray's hands. St. Vincent is the feature film debut of writer/director Ted Melfi, who has a fun Bill Murray story just like everybody who works with Bill Murray does. Chris O'Dowd will probably have one soon too.

Bill Murray's New Movie 'St. Vincent De Van Nuys' Finds a Studio

Bill Murray's next movie St. Vincent De Van Nuys, just found a new home at The Weinstein Company. According to Deadline, the studio will be financing and distributing the film, which is the feature directorial debut of the movie's writer Ted Melfi. Murray signed on to the project this summer, which he'll star in as a debaucherous older guy who starts looking after the 12-year-old son of a single mother, his neighbor. The man teaches the kid all about gambling, fighting, stealing, and other dirtbag stuff, but the boy only takes away the good from all this. Here's writer/director Ted Melfi describing meeting Bill Murray, who's always [...]

Melissa McCarthy May Star Alongside Bill Murray in 'St. Vincent De Van Nuys'

Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray may be making a movie together this summer. Deadline reports that McCarthy is about to be offered the female lead in St. Vincent De Van Nuys, a low-budget comedy-drama that Bill Murray signed onto last year. Deadline writes that "this is a role that all the top comic actresses chased" and that McCarthy auditioned and campaigned hard for the part. St. Vincent, from new writer/director Ted Melfi, follows a debaucherous misanthrope (Murray) who takes the 12-year-old son of his single mother neighbor (McCarthy, possibly) under his wing, but the kid only extracts the good from all of Murray's character's morally dubious life [...]

'30 Rock' Director Don Scardino Will Remake the 1979 Movie 'Going in Style'

Director Don Scardino, best known for directing more episodes of 30 Rock than anybody, just signed on to direct a remake of the 1979 comedy Going in Style, Deadline reports. The original, from filmmaker Martin Brest (Beverly Hills Cop, Midnight Run), starred George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg as a trio of senior citizens who decide to rob a bank for a last bit of excitement before they pass away. Unlike most Hollywood remakes, this is a delightful choice of a movie to re-do because it's a good comedy without being a revered, iconic one, and although it features some strong performances, it's not impossible to [...]