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Jack Black Explains Why He's Like a White Tiger on 'Late Late Show'

Here's a clip from Kyle Gass and Jack Black's visit to The Late Late Show on Friday, where the duo explains their friendly weight loss competition as well as the deeper meaning behind Black's majestic white tiger t-shirt.

Tenacious D, Chris Elliott, Maria Bamford, and Tons More Are Doing 'Everything Is Festival' Next Week

Everything Is Terrible is having their fourth annual "Everything Is Festival" starting next week, and they have one heck of a lineup for it. This year's highlights include Tenacious D closing out the event with a preview of their Festival Supreme, Chris Elliott screening rare and unseen clips from his entire career, Mike Judge showing found footage from his personal archives, Patton Oswalt hosting a screening of the comedy The Phynx,  Maria Bamford hosting a video show, Dan Harmon's HarmonQuest, Doug Benson's Movie Interruption, a screening of Comedy Bang Bang's upcoming musical episode with a Q&A, and tons more. The event is taking place at Los Angeles's Cinefamily [...]

Jack Black and Kyle Gass Talk About "Festival Supreme"

Here's Tenacious D, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, talking to Chelsea Lately guest host Dave Grohl last night about their upcoming giant comedy rock event Festival Supreme, which will be pretty great as long as they get more than one band (themselves) to agree to play.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Let Tenacious D Entertain You with 'Jazz'

Yes, Tenacious D's first foray into jazz music is now available for your listening pleasure. Jack Black and Kyle Gass's first jazz album, entitled Jazz, only features one track, an 11-minute long snippet of free-form jazz exploration, but a video on the making of the album is also included, all for the low low price of $2.99. It's a steal for fans of comedy bands exploring different musical genres.

Jack Black Distills the Creative Process

In a new Tenacious D interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the boys are asked about the difficulty of having their goal be for every new song to be the "best song ever." Black's answer is a pretty great, if clearly tongue-in-cheek, summation of the long slog that is the creative process: It’s just one of those things — you know gold when you stumble upon it, when you fall into a field of gold poppies. I think that Kyle and I are patient. What it takes more than anything is patience. You’ve got to go into the rehearsal laboratory and just start jamming. And you’ve got to be [...]

Inside Festival Supreme, Tenacious D's Comedy Mega-Event

If Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme was any indication, the days of the comedy tent playing second fiddle at music festivals might soon be over.

Festival Supreme was pretty fucking awesome.

More than 9,000 comedy fans took over the famous Santa Monica Pier Saturday for the first ever Festival Supreme Music and Comedy Festival, which was curated by Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The stated lineup was already a who’s who of comedy giants – Adam Sandler, Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Fred Armisen, etc. – but it was the surprise guests – Conan O’Brien, the Lonely Island, and Billy Idol, among others – that put the [...]

Tenacious D, Patton Oswalt, and More Join Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest

Austin music and comedy festival Fun Fun Fun Fest just announced this year's lineup. Jack Black and Kyle Gass's band Tenacious D are headlining, along with Patton Oswalt, Craig Robinson, Rob Delaney, and a live version of The Eric Andre Show. These comedians join previously-announced acts like Doug Benson, Jenny Slate, Kyle Kinane, Hari Kondabolu, Kyle Dunnigan, and Jonah Ray, making for a greatly expanded comedy portion of the festival this year. Tickets are available now via Fun Fun Fun Fest's website for the event, which runs November 8th-10th.

Tenacious D Wants a Festival with All the Comedy Rock Greats (Weird Al, Conchords, Spinal Tap, et al.)

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, members of the comedy rock outfit Tenacious D, spoke to Rolling Stone today on their 20th anniversary as a band, and they laid out plans to hold a festival featuring all of the biggest names in comedy music. Dubbed "Festival Supreme," it's "a fuckin' Super Bowl of comedy-rock" in the vein of Coachella or Bonnaroo taking place on the Santa Monica Pier on October 19th of this year. Nobody's been booked for the event beyond Tenacious D, but Black rattled off his dream list of performers, which includes Flight of the Conchords, Lonely Island, Zach Galifianakis, Spinal Tap, Eric Idle, Tim Minchin, Neil [...]

Behold, Your First Glimpse of Tenacious D's New Jazz Album

Tenacious D appeared on Craig Ferguson last night to promote their new jazz album, entitled Jazz, a limited edition vinyl-only release. They perform a truncated version of the album's only track, "Simply Jazz," which Ferguson points out runs 11 minutes and 36 seconds on the record. On the close-up of the album sleeve, you can see that "Simply Jazz" is listed under Side A and "Nothing on Side B" is listed under Side B. Jack Black ends up being a competent smooth jazz singer, showing off his well-known scatting abilities, while Kyle Gass knocks it out of the park with some grade-A jazz flutin'.

Gods of Rock (In Their Own Minds): The Early Days of Tenacious D

One night in 1996, Jack Black and Kyle Gass — the rambunctious, rotund frontmen for the mock rock outfit Tenacious D — stood on stage in a small cafe making demands. They were performing a bit in which they mapped out to a couple of Hollywood agents, played by Mr. Show’s David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, the route that would take them to stardom. “Number one we want a fucking record deal,” began Black, before ticking off further requests for a TV show and a movie. “That would be the pinnacle — if we had a movie.” At this point in their career Tenacious D were little known outside [...]

Jack Black and Kyle Gass Use 'Electric Company' Tactics to Promote Festival Supreme

Here's a promo for Festival Supreme, the massive musical comedy festival that Tenacious D's Jack Black and Kyle Gass are throwing in LA later this month, with performers like Zach Galifianakis, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, Adam Sandler, The Mighty Boosh, and more. Hopefully, Tenacious D's entire set is just them doing Electric Company silhouette blends the entire time.

Tenacious D Rocks Out on 'Conan'

Here's Tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Gass) on Conan last night, belting out a song called "Rock is Dead" off their latest album Rize of the Fenix If you're wondering whether they get the old "Johnny Carson invite over to the desk" from Conan after their performance, you'll have to hit the jump to find out.

The Grammys Snub Tig Notaro and a Lot of Other Great Comedians

Look, the Grammys have always been sort of out of touch when it comes to comedy, often choosing safe, unchallenging stand-up albums over cutting edge great ones. Occasionally, outstanding stuff seeps through (like Louis C.K.'s Hilarious, which won the prize last year), but it's pretty rare. The 2013 Grammy nominees were announced today, and in the category of Best Comedy Album, voters played it pretty safe and proved to be woefully ignorant of some amazing work done by comedians this past year. Here are this year's nominees for Best Comedy Album:

Lewis Black – In God We Rust

Margaret Cho – Cho Dependent (Live in Concert)

Jimmy Fallon – [...]

Weird Al and Reggie Watts Jam for Tenacious D to Dance

You might be asking: Why does Weird Al dominate the song like that, basically drowning out the other three guys? But, don't worry, they were actually performing a parody of the classic polka standard "Polka Jam #4." In order to be true to the original, "Polka Jam #Fork" needed to have two fellas holding guitars but not playing them. Also, we apparently missed last week's installment of Reggie Makes Music, which featured smooth jazz artist/Jon Daly character/possessor of no barriers Barry R.