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Seth and His Family Play a Game of "How Well Do You Know Your Meyers?"

Seth Meyers found the perfect way to combine Thanksgiving and Late Night last week by inviting his family on his show as guests, and part of the episode included the above quiz game "How Well Do You Know Your Meyers?" The quiz covers tons of Meyers family facts, including Seth's dad's obsession with Shameless, his brother's botched football career, the many Meyers dogs named Albert, and much more.

'Conan' Visits a Conscientious Tofurkey Farm

If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving by opting for tofurkey instead of the real thing, Conan visited McClellan Farms recently, and no one makes a more ethically acceptable tofurkey product than them. So before you choose your tofurkey brand this holiday season, please consider McClellan, because it's not humane tofurkey unless it's breastfed three times a day.

The Complete Guide To Everything: Thanksgiving

It's the time of year for Tim and Tom's favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Apparently we haven't done an episode about this yet (we checked Wikipedia and everything!) so we try to make it as comprehensive as possible. This mostly entails discussing which ABBA songs we think Harry Styles is aware of and the things that annoy us about Morrissey.

Also, we talk about how confusing the story of "The First Thanksgiving" is for kids, and Tim remembers a Thanksgiving essay he wrote as a 7 year old that got him in trouble with his teacher.

We also announce that our brand new t-shirts and tote bags are available at tcgte.com/store, [...]

Happy Thanksgiving, You Humorless Sons of Whores

We're taking off a bit early today because it's the day before Thanksgiving and that seems like a pretty airtight excuse for a half-day. Enjoy your starches and awkward familial interactions tomorrow! We'll be back in full force on Monday once we've slept off our red wine hangovers.

Larry David's Animated Thankgiving Special Is Heartwarming

Here's an animated Thanksgiving special that Larry David wrote and starred in for Funny or Die. David recounts Thanksgiving dinners with his family in Brooklyn, and it's pretty clear where all of his Seinfeld/Curb characters come from. His uncle is even named Uncle Leo, and he seems just as ridiculous as the Seinfeld character.

Sing Along to Classic Thanksgiving Carols with Scott Aukerman, Reggie Watts, and Amber Tamblyn

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the only thing more cherished than turkey are all those classic Thanksgiving carols, and now you can listen to them all on Comedy Bang! Bang!'s latest compilation album. We're talking timeless Thanksgiving tunes like "Football Dads," "Dark Meat," "Let's Hang the Christmas Lights Early," and of course the food-related smash hit "Stuffing (It's Just Bread)."

Tracy Morgan Has Some Things to Say About Thanksgiving

More specifically, Tracy Morgan has 28 Thanksgiving-y things to say, and he said them all on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night while wearing a Cosby sweater. Of course, he mixed in a few colorful stories as well.

Joel Hodgson Is Bringing Back 'Mystery Science Theater 3000's Turkey Day

Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator and original host Joel Hodgson is resurrecting the show's Thanksgiving marathon Turkey Day this year, EW reports. Celebrating MST3K's 25th anniversary, Hodgson will be curating and hosting Turkey Day on MST3KTurkeyDay.com on Thursday, November 28th, starting at noon EST. Hodgson will be taking suggestions from fans as far as what episodes to play via Twitter.

Started on Comedy Central in 1991, the MST3K Turkey Day marathon was an annual event on TV until 1997. "When I started doing Cinematic Titanic six years ago and we started doing live shows, that’s when I really met these people who love Mystery Science Theater," Hodgson said to EW. "I'd [...]

Tuesday Night Sitcom Recap: 'Happy Endings,' 'New Girl' and More Celebrate Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving week in Sitcomland (and in real life too – call your loved ones), and all your favorite shows are celebrating Turkey Day this week. Let's see what happened last night on the Thanksgiving episodes of Happy Endings, New Girl, Ben and Kate, and The Mindy Project.

Happy Endings – “More Like Stanksgiving”

CLAY: "More Like Stanksgiving" takes the usual sitcom thanksgiving episode flashback and gives it a new twist. In the beginning of the show, Max reveals that he finally got the DVDs from he and Brad's season on The Real World: Sacramento, where they met. Before their Thanksgiving dinner, the group sits down to watch an episode [...]

The 12 Most Darkly Funny Thanksgiving-Themed Sitcom Episodes

Every TV show leans on tropes to fill out their season. For the standard dramatic hour, it’s brilliant doctors/lawyers/cops with a complicating flaw. For animated sitcoms, it’s copying The Simpsons or copying the copies of The Simpsons. And for critically acclaimed premium cable, it’s so many naked breasts.

That’s why network shows pioneered the holiday episode. If you’ve got 23 episodes of funny! to do from fall to spring, it makes life a lot easier when Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and even Groundhog Day give you jumping-off points.

Now most shows do their holiday episodes with plenty of standard cheer. It’s like, why [...]

'Last Week Tonight' Calls for an End to Turkey Pardoning

HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is on hiatus until February, but that didn't stop Oliver and crew from uploading the above Thanksgiving-themed web exclusive all about America's strange tradition of presidential turkey pardoning: "Let's be honest here: Every single turkey is guilty. Specifically, guilty of having delicious bird parts that should be serving time in the prison of my mouth."

Watch the Trailer for Nick Kroll's 'Thansgivukkah' Movie

Here's a fake movie trailer for Funny or Die that stars Nick Kroll as a guy trying to celebrate Thanksgiving and Hanukkah on the same day with two different families. It's written by Dan Klein, directed by Andy Bush, and stars Penny Marshall, Fred Willard, Kumail Nannjiani, Andrée Vermeulen, and Fred Melamed.

This Week In Web Videos: Hipster Thanksgiving

You read this column every week to get your web series and sketch video news (just let me think that even if it’s not true), I know. And I appreciate it. Not only do I enjoy writing for you, but I also hold my responsibility to disseminate Internet funnies near and dear to my heart — This Week In Web Videos is more than a pastime, it’s a labor of love, a goddamn act of valor (again, let me go with this) and that’s why I can’t lie to you…

I had a bit of a scheduling mix up this week and had to hold off running an interview [...]

A Funny Thing: Kate Tellers Gets Handsy During Thanksgiving Dinner

This week on A Funny Thing, a story from comedian and storyteller Kate Tellers about the time she put on a corset, impersonated an Astor, and tried to give her boyfriend a handjob during Thanksgiving dinner with her family. Just like the pilgrims did!

Kate will be hosting the MOTH slam on Dec 27th. and you can follow her on twitter @katadudle. She told her story at the comedy storytelling stalwart Oh Hey Guys! This week please remember that all of us here at A Funny Thing wish you a happy and safe thanksgiving. HJ's for everybody!

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