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This Week In Web Videos: 'The Actress', Season 3

I told myself I’d never cover the same series twice, but when I made that promise, I hadn’t conceived of a couple like Ann Carr and Warren Holstein — the hearts and brains behind one of the web’s longest running and consistently excellent series, The Actress. In a digital environment saturated with folks making shameless grabs at quasi-fame and fleeting HuffPo notoriety and then trying something new if they don’t get instantly huge, this series stands out not only because it’s quality, but also because its creators are so apparently committed to putting the time in, nurturing The Actress in its native state to make it the absolute best [...]

This Week's Web Series You Need To Watch: "The Actress"

Making something scripted seem like it’s actually happening sounds easy until a camera’s switched on. Once tape’s rolling, too many actors’ bathroom mirror rehearsals become overdone regurgitations, unresponsive to others’ performances. When dramatic performers fall short, it’s painfully apparent and we label them “hacks.” Less believable comedic actors, on the other hand, sometimes get a pass because their punchlines distract audiences from a lack of training. Viewers are too busy laughing to realize that what’s going on is phoned in.

A talent who blends the visceral realism of drama with the snappiness of comedy is unusual. For such a talent, successes may come in the form of projects with [...]