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'The Atlantic' Says 'Last Week Tonight' Is "Making a Difference in the Real World"

"This is the magic of John Oliver. It's been only 14 episodes so far (the show is slated for 19 this season) but the Last Week Tonight team has found a way to take a seemingly complicated issue, remove the talking points and cultural baggage surrounding it, break it into understandable parts—and then slowly rebuild it. It's an ingenious formula that's making a difference in the real world."

– Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is showered with more well-deserved praise in a new Atlantic piece called "How John Oliver Beats Apathy."

Let's Pick Apart This God-Awful Article About How Pretty Women Can't Be Successful Comedians

Oh, Jesus. If you'd prefer to avoid getting angry at your computer screen, do not read Ashley Fetters' new piece for The Atlantic, Why Do So Many Pretty Female Comedians Pretend They're Ugly?. It makes the argument that, in general, women cannot be funny while also being pretty — that pretty female comedians must ugly themselves up in order to get people, specifically males, to laugh at them. Pegged to the death of Phyllis Diller, here's the main argument: Diller's reign as the frumpish, clumsy queen of the underbrag was groundbreaking on many levels. She did, after all, prove that women with bad hair, bad cooking, and loud [...]