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The Onion and The A.V. Club Are Planning 'The 1st Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival'

After running for five years, the festival Just For Laughs Chicago is taking 2014 off, but The Onion and The A.V. Club are swooping in with their own Chicago comedy festival. Titled "The 1st Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival," the event is set to take place from June 12th to June 14th, with Marc Maron, Tig Notaro, Kyle Kinane, and a live installment of Comedy Bang! Bang! on the bill. Tickets are available now.

Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster Walk You Through Their Best 'Best Show' Bits

The AV Club has a nice long interview with Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster today, as the duo walks us through their favorite bits from The Best Show on WFMU. It's an in-depth look into Scharpling and Wurster's calls, which have consistently been the source of some of the funniest comedy in the past 12 years. It's worth the read whether you voted for Philly Boy Roy or not.

Scott Aukerman Made a Great List of His Favorite Comedies

The AV Club asked Comedy Bang Bang's Scott Aukerman to create his own 24-hour comedy marathon made up of his favorite movies and shows, and the piece is worth checking out for the basic list itself and to hear Aukerman talk at length about the comedies that inspired him. From standard fare like Caddyshack and The Naked Gun to cult hits like MacGruber and Dave Foley's The Wrong Guy, it's a solid roster of movies that every comedy fan should see.

Marc Maron Picks His Favorite Episodes of 'WTF' for 'The A.V. Club'

The A.V. Club has a cool interview with Marc Maron, where as part of their "Bestcasts" series, they ask him to pick and discuss his five favorite episodes of his podcast. Maron's favorites were his interviews with Robin Williams, Norm Macdonald, The Onion's Todd Hanson, Carlos Mencia, and his two-parter with Louis C.K.  But what about the time prop comic Gallagher stormed out of his interview, you ask? Don't worry, they talked about that one too.

Let 'Mr. Show' People Walk You Through an Old 'Mr. Show' Sketch

The AV Club kicked off a great new feature today, called SketcHistory, and it involves them talking to the people who made a classic comedy sketch to share the story behind it. For the first installment, they tackled Mr. Show's "Dalai Lama" and "Monk Academy" with David Cross, the sketch's directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine, Ruby Sparks), and writer Scott Aukerman all reminiscing about the sketch. If you've ever wondered why Flavor Flav never did an episode of Mr. Show, this piece gets to the bottom of it.

Tim Heidecker Programs a Fake Film Festival for The A.V. Club

Noted cinema buff Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric fame) did an interview with The A.V. Club today where he ran through his favorite movies, programming a (fictitious) 24-hour film festival. Amongst Heidecker's favorites are Spinal TapLost in AmericaDogtooth, and The King of Comedy, proving that his love for funny, uncomfortable movies runs deep.