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Learn All About Sustainable Kidnapping in This New "Thingstarter" Video

Above Average is rolling out new web series episodes this week, and today they dropped the fourth installment of The Bilderbergers' Kickstarter parody "Thingstarter." In an ad that could easily fit in on any Portlandia episode, a masked Brandon Gulya and Dan Chamberlain show us how they've transformed kidnapping from a violent and careless act into a sustainable way of life, with Will Hines playing the kidnappee–I mean kidnapped person.

This Sketch Video Seemed Absurd Until People Did the Same Thing in Real Life

Here's a sketch that NYC comedy group The Bilderbergers made for Lorne Michaels's company's YouTube channel, Above Average, about a pair of Brooklyn designers who start making artsy beautiful signs to help the homeless instead of giving them food or shelter. After shooting the video, the group found that this is a real thing that is happening in Massachusetts, where two artists are giving homeless people beautiful, colorful signs to replace their handwritten ones. "We were pretty astonished at how what had always been a satirical idea in our heads was actually implemented," says Bilderbergers member Ben Stadler. Congrats to those living, breathing sketch comedy characters in Massachusetts!

The 11 Best Video Sketch Groups on the Internet

Internet comedy is a scary arena. There is more good comedy on the web than any one person could ever consume; there's also an over-whelming amount of garbage. In particular, good sketch videos are a tall order, as they require both funny, original ideas and solid production know-how to compete in the dark void that is YouTube. Producing one is hard enough, and the groups who can produce consistently will make up the the next generation of comedy writers, directors, and actors. To help you wade through the digital landscape, we've assembled a list (in no particular order) of 11 of our favorite video sketch groups.

BriTANick NYU [...]