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'SNL' Review: Ladies Night with Charlize Theron

Well, that was quite a turnaround.

To everyone who commented on last week's tirade against Andrew Garfield's lackluster episode that it was about time I gave up on SNL: this episode right here is why I still love this show, and why I will never give up on it. The 90 minutes was about as solid as it gets, with a low-expectations host Charlize Theron blending in seamlessly with the cast, the writers performing on overdrive, and even a few head-turning live-TV moments. We haven't seen this level of consistency since Kerry Washington hosted in November — an episode with which this one shared a few interesting [...]

Jim Carrey and The Black Keys Doing SNL on January 8th

The next new SNL after tomorrow night's episode with Jeff Bridges will be January 8th, and the host/musical guest combo has just been announced: Jim Carrey and The Black Keys. Carrey is generally a pretty great host, so this is good news all around.

Steve Buscemi and Bill Hader Have a Gun-Slingin' Good Time in SNL Promos

In these promos for SNL this week with Steve Buscemi and musical guest the Black Keys, we finally get a definitive answer to the age-old debate about whether it's pronounced Byu-SHEM-ee or Byu-SEM-ee! Also, some jokes. Steve and Bill Hader enlist the help of Siri as a director, and she's as direct as ever. "Can-you-try-it-more-like-a-real-cowboy? But-make-the-lasso-more-over-the-top? Thanks-Bill-you-are-a-real-artist."

Steve Buscemi Will Host SNL on December 3 With the Black Keys

Steve Buscemi is hosting SNL on December 3rd, returning to the show for the first time since 1998. He'll be joined by musical guest the Black Keys, who are returning to the show for the first time since January.