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'The Chris Gethard Show' Will Return to Public Access in April

Chris Gethard announced today that his self-titled TV show, which was recently made into a pilot for Comedy Central, will return to public access with regular weekly episodes on April 2nd. Gethard and company are due to turn in the final cut of The Chris Gethard Show pilot to Comedy Central sometime in March and will continue to do live public access shows on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (and streaming online) while they await news on whether Comedy Central is picking up the show or not.

"We don’t want to sit and rest on our laurels – we want to be back in the swing of things," [...]

Chris Gethard Promises to Host "Sandwich Night" on Public Access for the Rest of His Life

Comedian Chris Gethard has promised that, although his public access series, The Chris Gethard Show, may be ending in the wake of a recent deal to possibly continue it on Comedy Central, he will return annually to public access to host the show's pre-Thanksgiving show Sandwich Night until he dies and he will see to it that the tradition continues after that. Here's a message that Gethard sent to his public access broadcaster, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, today (via Tumblr):

"I vow to return to MNN studios the Wednesday before every Thanksgiving to host Sandwich Night from now until when I die, at which point I want [...]

Comedy Central Bought a Pilot of 'The Chris Gethard Show', and We Talked to Gethard About It

Last night, it was announced that Comedy Central has ordered a pilot of the long-running and much-beloved Chris Gethard Show. The pilot will be produced by Funny or Die, with executive producers Zach Galifianakis, Will Ferrell, Owen Burke, and Adam McKay alongside Gethard. Gethard made the announcement on the latest episode of his show, a special edition which was devoted to big announcements. Wearing a homemade t-shirt with the slogan "Find a Way," Gethard welcomed a parade of recurring cast members and characters, each of whom had their own major announcement to make, ultimately culminating in Gethard's big news for TCGS.

The Chris Gethard Show began as a stage show in November [...]

Watch Amy Poehler Predict People's Futures on 'The Chris Gethard Show'

Here's this week's episode of comedian Chris Gethard's nutty public access/web show The Chris Gethard Show with super special guest Amy Poehler joining the gang for the full hour in a show that involves them predicting strangers' futures because that's what public access TV is for.

Zach Galifianakis Is Doing 'The Chris Gethard Show' Tomorrow and Cutting Strangers' Hair

Comedian Chris Gethard's public access show has a big-time movie star dropping by this week: Zach Galifianakis. Gethard announced on The Chris Gethard Show's blog that the show will be handing out free haircuts on-air this week, despite the fact that nobody on the show knows how to cut hair, and that Galifianakis will be cutting strangers' hair right alongside Gethard and the rest of the gang. The show airs tomorrow at 11pm eastern online or on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. It's really impressive and a testament to the strength and inventiveness of The Chris Gethard Show that they were able to book one of the biggest movie [...]

A Look Inside Last Night's 'The Chris Gethard Show' Pilot Taping

Wearing a white t-shirt with the words MAKE IT OR BREAK IT scribbled on the front in black ink, Chris Gethard stepped in front of the cameras last night to tape the Comedy Central pilot of The Chris Gethard Show. Longtime fans of Gethard's public access show traveled from Ohio, California, Hawaii, Canada, and Brazil just to be part of the inaugural episode, and Michael Cera had the distinct honor of being Gethard's first guest. Though we can't give away too many details on the content of the pilot, here's a peek at what the taping was like and why TCGS would make Comedy Central's best new underdog.

More Details on 'The Chris Gethard Show's Comedy Central Pilot

Last month, Chris Gethard announced that Comedy Central has ordered a pilot of his public access series, The Chris Gethard Show. Gethard held a Q&A after an episode of his show last night to share some more details on what to expect from the Comedy Central pilot. Here's what we know now:

The half-hour pilot may never air, whether Comedy Central orders it to series or not. The pilot will be more interactive than the public access version of the show, not less. It will still feature calls and live music. While the pilot won't air live, Gethard intends for the series to do so, if it gets [...]

Watch 'The Chris Gethard Show's 100th Episode

After over two years, comedian Chris Gethard's unpredictable public access/web series The Chris Gethard Show reached a giant milestone last week: 100 episodes. The 100th episode was just uploaded to YouTube over the weekend, and here it is in all its emotional, bizarre glory.

Amy Poehler Is Doing 'The Chris Gethard Show' This Week

The Chris Gethard Show has booked another famous comedy guest. Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler will be dropping by the show for this Wednesday's installment, which airs online and on New York public access via the Manhattan Neighborhood Network at 11pm Eastern. Poehler is the second big name guest in a row for comedian Chris Gethard's web/public access show, following an appearance by Zach Galifianakis last week that featured Galifianakis spending most of the episode cutting strangers' hairs live on air alongside Gethard. The Amy Poehler episode this week will involve Poehler and the panel predicting callers' futures. I can't think of anyone better suited [...]

Chris Gethard to TV Networks: "You Should Be Scared of the Internet Killing Your Medium"

"Put my show on at 2 in the morning. We'll be the cheapest show to produce. Some cable network: Put us on at 2 a.m. Give us almost no money. It'll still be more money than we get on public access. Let us take a chance on this idea that if we create this completely interactive show, that people really feel like is theirs, that it will click. It will click in the way that things on the Internet click. That's what I want to say to TV development people … 'You shouldn't be scared of this thing. What you should be scared of is the Internet killing your medium. [...]

Chris Gethard Gives a Video Update on His Comedy Central Pilot

It's been over a month since comedian Chris Gethard put his public access program, The Chris Gethard Show, on hold to focus on making a pilot version of the show for Comedy Central, but here he is with a video update on the pilot process and his life about a week ahead of the taping. Gethard reveals that the pilot will not air, his friends Tami Sagher and Tom Scharpling will be present at the taping to give him feedback, and the pilot will have a big special mystery guest who is yet to be announced. There's also a stool update from Gethard in there.

'The Chris Gethard Show' Held Its Third Annual Sandwich Night Last Week

Wednesday night, The Chris Gethard Show held its third annual "Sandwich Night" episode, a pre-Thanksgiving tradition in which the entire show is devoted to people bringing their own sandwiches to the studio and talking about them. The holiday grows bigger and bigger every year and will hopefully become a federal holiday by this time 2014.

After 100 Episodes, Chris Gethard's 10 Favorite 'Chris Gethard Show' Moments

Tonight, The Chris Gethard Show airs our 100th episode on public access television. Before that, I spent two years doing the show as a stage show at the UCB Theater. On the public access show alone, between the episodes, pre-taped specials, and our 12-hour long election coverage special, we’ve created almost 120 hours of free content. And that’s on top of stage shows at UCB, times we’ve traveled cross-country, and all the other dumb shit we’ve put together.

It’s an overwhelming thing to step back and realize. It’s even more overwhelming to realize that it seems to mean a lot to people. Not everyone enjoys the show, and [...]

Watch Zach Galifianakis Cut Strangers' Hair on 'The Chris Gethard Show'

Zach Galifianakis was the guest on Wednesday night's episode of comedian Chris Gethard's self-titled public access/web show. You can watch the entire episode, which involved Gethard, Galifianakis, and company giving strangers haircuts live on air, above.