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'The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Reacts to Petition Saying She Should Get Colbert's Slot

"There’s a change.org petition going around that is asking for Comedy Central to give me my own spot after The Daily Show! People keep bringing it up to me and it’s like, a strange thing to ignore (for the sole purpose of being politically correct). SO I want to like, take a moment and say thank you to those that created it and signed it … That being said, I’m sure Comedy Central already has something dope in the works to take that particular spot … I’m sure it will be great and funny and wonderful! I can’t wait to see what it is … Also know that right now I am [...]

Jon Stewart on John Oliver: "My preference would have been that I have him forever."

"Obviously, look, my preference would have been that I have him forever. But I also know that's not how it works here. We get these really talented people for a certain time until other people recognize that and go, 'Hey, why don't I pay him more and let him do it over here?'"

- Jon Stewart on his protégé John Oliver in a cover story for The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the April 27 premiere of his new HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Kristen Schaal Warns Kindergarten Girls to Get Married Now Before It's Too Late

Apparently some lady wrote a book about how young women need to get married and pregnant as early as possible, so Senior Women's Issues Correspondent Kristen Schaal came on The Daily Show to not only shed more light on the issue, but educate a bunch of kindergarten girls about the importance of finding a man before they're all sterile and trapped for life with the scary monster that is loneliness.

'The Daily Show' Invites You to Try #McConnelling

To take a break from the usual bummer news coverage, Jon Stewart shared a recent campaign video by Mitch McConnell last night that he and his staff realized will go along perfectly with just about any song. And thus #mcconnelling was born.

'The Daily Show' Hires Jordan Klepper as Its Newest Correspondent

Comedy Central announced today that they've hired comedian Jordan Klepper to be a new correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Klepper will make his first appearance on the show tonight, reporting "live" from the Ukraine.

Klepper has been a regular improv and sketch performer at New York's UCB Theatre for three years. Prior to that, he got his start via Chicago's comedy scene, performing at the Second City and iO theaters. Along with his wife and frequent collaborator Laura Grey, Klepper co-created and co-starred in the UCB Comedy-produced pilot presentation Engaged, which they later turned into a web series. His TV credits include IFC's Bunk and MTV's [...]

White House Press Secretary Says Jon Stewart Was Obama's Toughest Interview in 2012

Barack Obama's press secretary Jay Carney told students at Georgetown that Jon Stewart was actually the president's "most substantive, challenging interview" in 2012, instead of, you know, any interviews with real journalists. Here's what Carney said (via The Wrap):

I remember we had some discussion during 2012 about 'Well, is it appropriate for the president, the sitting president and candidate, to give interviews with Jon Stewart and others?' And the answer was yes, again, because young voters we were trying to reach are more likely to watch The Daily Show than some other news shows.

But also, I think if you look back at 2012 and the series [...]

'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report' React to the 'Late Show' News

Here's a clip from the beginning of last night's Daily Show, where Stewart plays a vintage Colbert clip then wishes him the best on his new Late Show gig next year: "The exciting news today is I no longer need a cable subscription for the privilege of watching Stephen Colbert." Click through for Colbert's short but sweet opening dedication to Letterman — apparently Colbert doesn't know that the real Colbert is replacing him yet.

Samantha Bee Does Another Interpretive One-Woman 'Daily Show' Performance

Back in January, the wonderful Samantha Bee delivered an epic one-woman show reimagining the Fox News show The Five as a tragically romantic Shakespearian soap opera. During last night's Daily Show, she returned to tell the fast-paced family tale of MSNBC's Morning Joe called "My Morning Joe Family," and it's nothing short of inspired.

Jordan Klepper Insists He's Not with the CIA on 'The Daily Show'

Daily Show newbie Jordan Klepper made his second appearance last night, but when he insisted that the CIA is nothing but a good organization adhering to only legal practices, Jon Stewart started getting a little suspicious. Eventually that led to the unveiling of Klepper's alter ego Ronnie Cilantro, who hopefully will return at some point to mess with the cue cards again.

Talking to 'Daily Show' Correspondent Jessica Williams

In only a couple of years, Jessica Williams has become a vital member of one the most influential comedy shows on television. She joined The Daily Show in 2012 at the age of 22, making her the show's youngest correspondent ever. Since then, she's become an integral part of the Daily Show team, often reporting as the show's "Senior Youth Correspondent." I got the chance to talk to her about leaving college to join the show and the scariest part of her job.

You were so young when you started at The Daily Show. Did you have any background in political comedy or satire?

I didn’t have a lot [...]

Jessica Williams Takes Jason Jones Behind the Scenes of Her "Black Friday Profiling" Segment

Veteran Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones is hosting a new web series "Behind the Spotlight" while the show's on break this week, and above is his interview with Jessica Williams, where they explore her role as the show's token tall correspondent and go over her very expensive segment "Black Friday Profiling," which took way more behind-the-scenes work than you'd think.

Samantha Bee Proves that Brighton Beach Is the Next Crimea

On last night's Daily Show, correspondent Samantha Bee paid a visit to the very Russian Brooklyn neighborhood of Brighton Beach, which she's convinced is the next stop on Putin's grand takeover plan. Experts might say the chances of Putin taking over Brighton Beach are on par with an asteroid hitting the planet, but for Bee those odds are good enough to believe in.

'The Daily Show's Jason Jones to Star in NBC Pilot from 'Borat' Co-Writer

Longtime Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones may be moving to network TV in the fall. THR reports that Jones has landed one of the lead roles in Love Is Relative, a single-camera comedy created by Dan Mazer, Sacha Baron Cohen's former writing partner who wrote on Borat, Brüno, and Da Ali G Show. Love Is Relative follows a husband (Jones) and wife (Leslie Bibb) who start to second-guess their marriage when her just-divorced brother (standup Barry Rothbart) moves in with them.

If NBC orders Love Is Relative to series, Jones would leave The Daily Show, where he's been a correspondent since 2005. The Daily Show recently lost correspondents Al Madrigal [...]

Watch Jordan Klepper's Very First 'Daily Show' Report

Last night, newest Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper made his very first appearance. His title? "New Senior Caucasian Correspondent." His task? Pretend to report from Crimea while being hilarious and making Jon proud as both a boss and father figure. Fortunately, Klepper's first day nerves only make his segment more hilarious, so hopefully he has a personal breakdown like this during all his future reports.