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The Alan Partridge Movie Finally Starts Filming

Filming is finally underway for the long-awaited movie based on Steve Coogan's beloved character Alan Partridge. Chortle reports that production on the UK film, which has a working title of Alan Partridge: The Movie, has just begun and that some roads in England are being closed to shoot a big car chase scene. Writer Armando Iannucci told the press last year that the movie will follow Partridge's battle with a media conglomerate after they take over the digital radio station he works at and rebrand it "Shape." Set to reprise their roles are Felicity Montagu as Partridge's mousey personal assistant Lynn Benfield, Simon Greenall as heavily-accented handyman Michael, [...]

An Interview About The Day Today of Yesterday, Today, With David Schneider

How many times did David Schneider pee his pants with laughter when making 90s BBC spoof news show The Day Today? Read the interview and let the answer flow into your mind like warm, hysterical urine.

Alan Partridge, Man of the Moment Once More

“I could get tables at a moments notice. I was stopped on the street by people telling me how ‘unbelievable’ my show was. I was hot and it felt goooooooood. And then, live on the air in the sixth and final episode of my chat show, I shot a man through the heart with a gun.” — From Chapter 13, “Lift Off, Show-Wise”, of I, Partridge

Upon finishing I, Partridge on January 3rd I made the somewhat rash declaration that it would be the best book that I will read in 2012. I suspect that devoted Steve Coogan/Alan Partridge fans that get their hands on this endlessly quotable [...]