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Jackie Kashian Has a New Standup Special Out Today for $5

Comedian Jackie Kashian has a new hour special that just dropped today. Called This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux, it's available for $5, and is the first standup release from Bill Burr and Al Madrigal's podcast network All Things Comedy. Kashian is perhaps best known as host of the podcast The Dork Forest. She's also done standup on Conan and has performed a half-hour special on Comedy Central. This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux is her first hour special, following two albums (2007's Circus People and 2010's It Is Never Going to Be Bread).

Check out a trailer for the special below:

You Had To Be There #94: Jackie Kashian

This week, Nikki's just come up from a celeb-spiked Starbucks run and Sara's just come down from a hyperventilating Timberlake high minutes after the man announced that he's ready. Their guest, Jackie Kashian (@jackiekashian), is used to such obsession: every week on her podcast The Dork Forest, she invites guests to rant freely about their unique loves. The ladies leapfrog among topics, from the hotel room Jackie and Nikki shared on Last Comic Standing to the gym Nikki can't wait to quit, from the majesty of whale sharks to the pettiness of club owners, before finding a DF-worthy shared passion for Boggle. Pee is talked [...]

Tompkins Does Many Characters, Lizz Winstead Visits 'The Dork Forest', and More

The Comedy Awards aired last weekend and with that came the announcement of the winner of Best Comedy Podcast. The nominees were WTF, How Was Your Week, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Sklarbro Country, The Nerdist – a hell of a list, if I ever seen one (and, trust me, I've seen lists). You know your art form has really made it, when a 2-year-old award show tapes someone on the red carpet reading the winner to be posted online. Making it even better is when that red carpet someone uses half of his time to belittle the whole thing (thx Col Q). And who picked those clips? Marc Maron [...]