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Watch the Teaser Trailer for Richard Ayoade's 'The Double'

Here's the brand new teaser for The Double, a dark comedy written and directed by Richard Ayoade and starring Jesse Eisenberg as a guy struggling with the appearance of his doppelganger. Based on the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novella of the same name, this is the second film for Ayoade after his critically acclaimed 2010 movie Submarine, and he made tons of great British TV before that so everything he does is something to look forward to.

Watch the Trailer for Richard Ayoade's New Movie, 'The Double'

Here's the trailer for The Double, the second movie from director Richard Ayoade, who's best known for his acting work on UK sitcoms The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boos, and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Ayoade made his directorial debut with the 2010 coming-of-age comedy-drama Submarine, but based on this trailer The Double looks to be quite a departure. A 1970s-esque movie about a guy who's life is ruined by the appearance of his doppelganger, The Double stars Jesse Eisenberg in both parts with Mia Wasikowska and Wallace Shawn in supporting parts. It's based on the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novella of the same name and just might end up being the best [...]