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Alia Shawkat Gets Some Psychic Post-Murder Advice from Emily Heller

Here's the latest episode of Above Average's ongoing web series The Future with Emily Heller, in which celebrity guest Alia Shawkat seems to have done something horrible involving a bloody knife that she insists is not her fault.

Emily Heller Gives Tim Meadows a Psychic Object Reading

Here's the newest installment of Above Average's web series The Future with comedian and celebrity psychic Emily Heller, now back to read into guest Tim Meadows's future (or lack thereof) as a hopeful budding artist whether or not she left her tarot cards on her car again.

Watch John Mulaney Get a Tarot Card Reading

This is the latest episode of The Future, a new web series from Lorne Michaels's company's YouTube channel Above Average. Each week on The Future, comedian and self-proclaimed psychic Emily Heller looks into the future of a different comedian guest. Her guest this week is John Mulaney, and his appearance on the show is a really fun time.

Left Handed Radio: 'Jocaster is Busy'

On this episode: New England's greatest mariachi band, a war-torn future that should never be, changing a flight reservation gets a little sticky, a promo spot for every show on television, a thrilling radio drama with a cast of thousands, a cocktail robot tries to trick a morning show into teaching him about love, an English lesson for Germans, and grandma and grandpa find the Fountain of Youth.

This month's show was written and performed by Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, Taylor Moore, and Anna Rubanova, with additional material by David Bluvband and featuring special guest appearence by Katey Healy-Wurzburg

All original music by Dan Warren. Check out his [...]

Emily Heller Gives Haley Joel Osment Some Psychic Financial Advice

In the latest installment of her Above Average web series The Future, Emily Heller sits down with Haley Joel Osment, who comes looking for some financial advice but ends up getting haunted by the movie line he's best known for — an unfortunate distraction he's surely used to by now.

45 Comedy Things We're Looking Forward to in 2014

2014 is poised to be an especially exciting year in comedy with a whole shit-ton of high-profile movies, shows, standup specials, books, web series, and podcasts set to debut in the next twelve months. We rounded up all the most exciting comedy things that are coming your way in 2014 in this handy guide, from NBC's new Fallon/Meyers late night lineup to the long-awaited return of FX's Louie, from Tina Fey's post-30 Rock series to John Oliver finally getting his own Daily Show-esque show.

Watch Above Average's New Web Series 'The Future with Emily Heller' and Guest Reggie Watts

Above Average, the YouTube channel from Lorne Michaels's company Broadway Video, just debuted a new web series today. It's called The Future and features stand-up Emily Heller giving psychic readings to comedians. Reggie Watts is the guest for the first episode, which was directed by The Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone and explores the subject of feline breast augmentation in-depth.

Emily Heller Gives Olivia Wilde a Very Short Psychic Reading

Here's the newest installment of Emily Heller's Above Average's web series The Future, in which Heller forces her latest customer Olivia Wilde to settle for a "Psychic Lightning Round" while also making sure she gets a good Yelp review out of it.

Watch Comedian Emily Heller Give Janeane Garofalo a Psychic Reading

Here's the latest episode of The Future, standup Emily Heller's web series for Lorne Michaels's company's YouTube channel Above Average. Each week, Heller gives a psychic reading to a different guest, and her guest this week is Janeane Garofalo. As with most psychics, Heler's business is frequently disrupted by product placement for an obnoxious sandwich restaurant.

Louis C.K. on Why Women Will Rule the World

Oh, just your weekly reminder that Louis C.K. is fantastic, in the form of an essay about how "the next Steve Jobs will be a chick." Given his appreciation for ladies' talents at listening, toothbrushing, and being fun to hang out with, it's kind of amazing that Louis doesn't have ninety women trailing him every time he leaves the house. I mean, how long will it take for someone to start photoshopping quotes from this article onto soulful pictures of Louis C.K.'s face? Am I gonna have to do this myself? Because I will.