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Looking at Comedy Central's Weird and Hard-to-Categorize One-Season Shows

We’ve reached the end of The Good, The Bad, and the Deeply Strange, our examination of the many Comedy Central shows that lasted just one season. Like all these shows, it’s being put out to pasture after one series, because after dozens of shows, there are no more to watch. Catch up with our looks at reality shows, sketch shows, and parodies and sitcoms. I now present the outliers, the shows that didn’t really fit in the other categories. Animation, standup showcases, and game shows are represented here. Speaking of game shows, Comedy Central broadcast a bunch of one-season game shows that can’t be seen anywhere on [...]

The Many One-Season Sitcom and News Parodies of Comedy Central

On this installment of The Good, The Bad, and the Deeply Strange, I’ll be expanding my examination Comedy Central’s large quantity of television parodies. Having previously tackled their multitude of short-lived reality parodies and sketch shows, this time it’s all comedy versions of news and warped versions of sitcoms. First up: Sitcoms.

Comedy Central's Graveyard of One-Season Sketch Shows

This week on "The Good, The Bad, and the Deeply Strange," my exploration of Comedy Central's short-lived shows, I’m looking at the sketch shows that only lasted one season. In the last installment, I dove into the deep well of reality and mockumentary shows. In the sketch department, there was a huge variance in quality from show to show; the good, the bad, and the strange are each well represented here.

All of the shows with full write-ups below are available on Amazon Instant Video for the curious, and all the shows without write-ups aren’t available anywhere, for better or worse.