I Am the Official Boatman of the Hudson River, by Luke Strickler

The Dominatrix Dungeon Intern Gets Disciplined, by Bizzy Coy

Inventions I Plan on Pitching to Powerful Venture Capitalists, by Jeremy Glass

The Harem Guards Will Rock You, Eventually, Maybe, by Jerry Renek

An Honest Concession Speech, by Asterios Kokkinos and Hana Michels

Death Eater Monuments Are a Matter of Heritage, Not Hate, by Mike Jungman

Judge Doom’s Toon Execution Room, by Geoffrey Golden

The Underground Cartoonist’s Guide to Drawing Gigantic Sweat Drops Emerging From His Characters’ Foreheads When They Are in the Midst of Lustful Gaze [1971 Edition], by Alex Firer

I’m Tired of Being Cast as Young Russell Crowe, by Sam Pasternack

Blake Lively’s Memoir: Special Sneak Peek!! by Mitra Jouhari