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This Russian Filmmaker Invented Response Memes 100 Years Ago

Ah, internet memes. Depending who you are, they’re what you make online and talk about with your buddies at school, what your goddamn kid won’t stop looking at at the dinner table, or the things you mock when you’re being an ironic piece of shit online. But we can all agree: memes are the best! Or the absolute most awful worst! In any case, memes work because of a particular weird psychological effect filmmakers have been consciously manipulating since the late 1910s.

A “meme,” properly speaking, is “a gene in the realm of the idea,” which is a complicated definition you can look up if you want. But language is [...]

Why So Serious, Conan O'Brien?

"This is my dream job: To sit and get to talk to people like you…as the host of the Tonight Show," is the entire quote. Who do you think he's talking to with that uncharacteristically earnest tone? Maybe it was one of his recent guests like Punk'd's Dax Shepard or MMA champ Ronda Rousey? As Huffpo accurately points out the whole thing feels a bit like Charlie Rose mixed with Kevin Pollak's Chat Show and Alec Baldwin's Here's The Thing podcast. The video says Serious Jibber-Jabber starts in September, which is the current month we are inhabiting, so we'll keep you posted whenever he gets that 75-minute Dax [...]

The Webbys Awarded "Actress of the Year" to a Man, But Who Cares About the Webbys?

The Webby Awards are pretty stupid. Not that giving out awards for achievement on the internet is an inherently bad idea, but when in order to be considered for a nomination you need to pay a "submission fee" costing hundreds of dollars, it's tough to consider them even remotely relevant. I mean, look at the nominees in categories about web videos; they all come from big companies, such as Funny or Die, CollegeHumor, Broadway Video and The Onion (or from corporations such as Microsoft and Chipotle). Those folks put out great stuff, sure, but did they really have no competition at all from amateur groups? But very few [...]

Today's Ridiculous and Amusing Joke Twitter Account: @AdelesExBF

Comedians are great on Twitter, sure, but there's something magical about the parody accounts with a built-in shelf life that pop up relatively often (see: @weboughtaz00). This way of making jokes is so new and unique to the medium, you can't help but love it. This one, which was started two nights ago, purports to be by Adele's ex-boyfriend. It probably won't be pumping out 15 jokes a day in 18 months, but man is it funny right now.

Jim-A-Day Might Be the Best Online Video Daily Calendar of the Year

It's January 19th, 2012, and it's as good a day as any to catch up on the year's best live-action desk calendar. What will Jim say today, we wonder, our eyes lighting up with the endless possibilities blooming in the promise of the next 24 hours. Let's find out, together.

Ranking the Internet Friendliness of 7 Comedy Networks

HBO made a bold promotional move this week by putting the first two episodes of Girls' new season up on YouTube for free, allowing even the plebeian non-subscribers an opportunity to take part in a premium TV premiere and contribute to the buzz of the show's return. It's a win-win situation; HBO gets more coverage, and those of us without premium channels — or even a television — get to watch the season premiere without paying a dollar. Like HBO, most networks with hit comedy shows understand the viability of making their content easily available on the internet, but how do some of the most [...]

'Cracked': From 'MAD' Ripoff to the Internet's Nerdy Older Cousin

Daniel O’Brien is very much like a lot of us. In his mid-twenties, he’s a big Simpsons fan and spends a lot of time reading, watching TV, and listening to podcasts. O’Brien is also a writer. He is, in fact, the Senior Writer for a website that gets over 300 million pageviews a month. For the last two years, O’Brien has been handling those responsibilities and more while working for Cracked.

First launched in 2005, Cracked began its life as an online extension of Cracked magazine, a long running Mad competitor. But as its print-media predecessor closed up shop in 2007, the Cracked that we know today began to [...]

Nielsen Ratings Getting Less Awful by Comparing TV and Online Ads

In the ongoing battle to get Nielsen ratings to even somewhat resemble the reality of who's watching what television shows, a blow has been struck for verisimilitude! There's now a system in place to standardize ratings of television and online ads so that advertisers can actually compare who's getting their ads from which platform. While it may not make any immediate differences to ratings numbers, this new system will certainly mean more information – and when networks sometimes base their content decisions on only half the story (i.e., the live-TV-viewing half), more information is always a good thing.

Shit X Says: The State of a Meme at the End of Its Life (Hopefully)

It all began on December 12, 2011.

That's when "Shit Girls Say" was uploaded to YouTube and nearly broke the Internet when it was picked up by Reddit, the Huffington Post, and pretty much every other website, too. A month and a half later, it's racked up over 12 million views. "Shit Girls Say" began as a Twitter account created by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, before they, along with some help from Juliette Lewis, put together the 79-second video that almost instantly "changed" the Internet, for better or worse (worse). Ever since, hundreds of parodies have popped up online, ranging from the inevitable "Shit Black Girls [...]

Ron Swanson Is Drunk Dancing and Wearing a Tiny Hat Always in Our Hearts

If there were a trophy for "browser tab kept open longest," Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson would win it and then dance around drunkly with it.

A Look At the Earliest 'Simpsons' Message Board

"Online Simpsons fans still sum up the Internet as a whole: simultaneously angry, happy, knee-jerk, brainy, cromulent, and deranged."

- Slate has a really cool look at the history of alt.tv.simpsons, an early newsgroup for devoted fans of The Simpsons that existed before the internet was full of television obsessing.

How Jimmy Fallon's Online Bonus Content Sausage Gets Made

Over at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a trio of talented comedians spend all day every day working on original content for the show's website and blog: Cory Cavin, Josh Lay and Emmy Blotnick. Their most ambitious project to date was last week's Interactive Backstage Tour, but they've been making all sorts of fun stuff for a long time now. Splitsider pal Joe Berkowitz talked to 'em about having what sounds like an amazingly fun job.

The Increasing Necessity of Promoting Books and Comedy Albums Online

Jim Norton took to the red carpet of the Grammys to ask stars from Steve Martin to Adele to hold up his non-nominated 2011 standup album Despicable and related merchandise onstage. It's a pretty funny idea, and it highlights the fact that you rarely see successful album or book releases from comedians these days without a high-profile promotional stunt behind them. It seems that it's barely even worth writing and releasing a funny book if you don't also have a great, original idea to promote it virally online.

Watching Hipster Runoff Eat its Own Tail

Viral success on the internet is a strange phenomenon. Marketers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to create something people will share with their friends, only to be beaten time and time again by accidents and genuine ineptitude. That’s part of the fun of the web — halfway decent singers wallow in obscurity while Rebecca Black gets 20 million hits, and your meticulously edited Tweet will never be as funny as a horse avatar poorly hawking ebooks. The content we share the most is stuff we can have conversations about, especially when the conversation goes something like, “This is weird and terrible and hilarious and I can’t look [...]