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An Open Letter to Jay Leno About Stealing My Video and Then Getting It Removed From YouTube

Dear Jay Leno,

First off, my intention is not to fight you on this. You have more cars than I have dollars, and so I know I don’t stand a chance legally, and on top of that, I don’t really understand how legal stuff works. But the truth is you kind of fucked up my shit and I need to talk to you about it.

In 2007 my good friend Travis Irvine was running for mayor of his home town, Bexley, Ohio. He asked for help making him a funny campaign commercial. So together, me and my pal Travis composed, performed and recorded an original campaign jingle onto my four track (we [...]

Some of NBC's 10pm Lineup Has Worse Ratings Than The Jay Leno Show

How screwed is NBC? Well, some of their current 10pm lineup is actually doing worse in the ratings than The Jay Leno Show from last year. Worse! I was lead to believe it was impossible to do worse than Jay Leno at 10pm, but I guess Jimmy Smits and Donald Trump figured out a way.