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Bill Hader Tells Craig Ferguson About His 'Silence of the Lambs' Talk Show Sketch Idea

Bill Hader stopped by The Late Late Show last night, where he told Ferguson about one of his favorite scrapped SNL sketch ideas called "The Jame Gumb Talk Show" that Ferguson begged him to come back and perform sometime. Unfortunately the rest of the cast and writers at SNL weren't as excited about the sketch idea as Hader, Seth Meyers, and John Mulaney were.

Craig Ferguson Announces He's Leaving 'Late Late Show' in December

Craig Ferguson announced on his show last night that he's leaving the hosting gig at the end of the year. Ferguson has hosted Late Late Show since 2005, infusing it with some of late night's most delightfully weird concepts such as challenging guests to try for a Golden Mouth Organ award, Secretariat the dancing pantomime horse, and his robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Peterson. Variety reports that Ferguson wanted to announce his departure as early as last summer but held off until now, and taking over for Letterman was never something he wanted to do:

"I had no desire — none — to do that job. I [...]

Marc Maron Was on Both Letterman and Ferguson Last Night, Somehow

Marc Maron pulled off a rare feat in late night last night: he appeared on a guest on both of CBS's late night shows, with both David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. This despite the shows taping on opposite coasts. He explained to Ferguson that he pre-taped his interview with Letterman earlier this week, so he didn't somehow fly across the country to tape both in the same day, unfortunately. In any case, above is his Letterman appearance in which he discusses interviewing Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, and below you can find him talking about his cats and the finale of Maron with Ferguson. Next time do the CBS [...]

Ray Romano Always Puts Comedy Before Parenting

Don't be coy with me, Craig. What was that code word? It's good to see that 1) Ray still closely resembles the character of Ray that everybody presumably loves and 2) Ray is just always doing bits, regardless of parental obligations. Keep on doing your bits, Ray. Everybody luvs ya – even if your wife doesn't.

Rashida Jones and Craig Ferguson Lounge on the Beach; Evade Swan Attacks

Craig Ferguson is in Scotland this week, hosting his show and doing Scottish things with celebrities that look out of place. The result is Craig sitting shoeless (don't get your hopes up, foot fetishists, only he is barefoot) with Rashida Jones on a particularly scenic beach. They talk about smelly flamingos and vacations and Scotland. One thing is clear, do not compare anything to sausage around Rash-Jo, or she'll get mighty pissed, like a hot flamingo.

Craig Ferguson Has a New Talk Show Gig Lined Up

Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson might be leaving late night this December, but that doesn't mean he'll be leaving the talk show circuit too. Variety reports that the CBS host is currently in final negotiations to host a daily syndicated half-hour talk show to air on Tribune stations at 7:00pm, with a premiere date slated for sometime in fall 2015. Late Late Show executive producer Michael Naidus is also expected to serve as showrunner, and according to THR, the new talk show will tape in the same studio Ferguson uses for Late Late Show and "be quite similar to his current series — with occasional guest [...]

Tig Notaro Paid Craig Ferguson a Visit Last Night

Tig Notaro was a guest on last night's Late Late Show, where she had a chat with her fellow comedy Grammy nominee Craig Ferguson about her famous 2012 Largo standup set, her plan to sweep this year's Grammys, and Paula Poundstone's ping pong tournaments. It's a wonderfully mellow watch.

Does Doing Standup on a Late Night Show Still Matter?

Late night shows have always been more than just variety programs. There were cultural touchstones, broad shared places for topical comedy and entertainment, and they served as key launching pads for several generations of comedians. A few decades ago, doing standup on a late night show was seen as a crucial, potentially game changing event in a young comic's career. The well-known story about Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show has been told from over and over, by everyone from Steven Wright to Ellen DeGeneres to Drew Carey. Do one great set on Carson, they story went, get invited over to the couch, and the next day, you will be [...]

Last Night's 'Late, Late Show' Was Late, Late, and without Electricity

The entire show was shot like this. It wasn't a stunt – though, it would've been a good one – the power just went out. There was a blown transformer that took out all the stage lights, forcing them to light Craig and eventually Lisa Kudrow using flashlights.  You know, totally normal stuff to happen on a network television show.

David Letterman Will Stick Around on CBS for at Least Two More Years

David Letterman has just signed a new two-year contract with CBS, squashing rumors that he'd be stepping down imminently. And even better news is that his contract doesn't stipulate an end-date, leaving the door open for further contract extensions down the line if Letterman feels like sticking around even longer. Craig Fergeson, who is expected to take over for Dave when he does end up leaving his post, also extended his contract for another two years.

What’s on TV This Week: Loads of Comedians on Late Night

This week Chris Pratt takes to the late night circuit to promote Guardians of the Galaxy, which opens on Friday — he'll be appearing on both The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Comedians Josh Wolf and Ron Funches, who frequent the Round Table on Chelsea Lately, will also be on late night this week. Other comedians to watch this week on late night include Scott Aukerman, Mike Birbiglia, Michelle Wolf, Aubrey Plaza, Paula Pell, Dana Carvey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Martin Lawrence.

Check out the week’s full comedy listings below:

Watch Andi Osho Make Her US TV Debut on Ferguson

Andi Osho, a rising star in the British standup scene, made her US TV debut on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Friday. She's also appearing in the upcoming web series Breaking Hollywood, about a British comedian trying to make it in the States, one who would presumably kill to get a spot on a network late night show.

Craig Ferguson Is Back with a New Stage

Time-lapses are the best lapses, better than lapses of judgment and lapse around a track (sorry). Ferguson had long complained about his old, small studio, which, if you remember, recently lost power in the middle of a show. Best thing about this new stage: there's a permanent live-in Regis:

Craig Ferguson Addresses Arsenio Hall's Return; Talks Butt Stuff with Steve Carell

Have you heard of this new thing? They're called "late night talk shows" and they're sweeping the nation – all the kids'… parents are watching them. Craig Ferguson took a couple minutes, and probably one minute more than he was supposed to, to address his insecurities over the return of Arsenio Hall. He can't "woof" like the Ars – no one can. What he can do, however, is talk to Steve Carell about getting cameras jammed up their butts – show business! Watch that clip after the jump: