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FX Renews 'The League' for a Seventh and Final Season

The end of FX/FXX's long-running series The League is near. Deadline reports that FX has renewed the Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer series for a 13-episode seventh season, which will also be its last. Said Jackie on the announcement: "Most players in the NFL don’t make it seven seasons, and most TV shows even less so. We want to thank FX Networks and all our Eskimo Brothers and Sisters – NFL teams would be lucky to have fans as diehard as ours."

Talking to Nick Kroll about ‘Kroll Show’ Season 2 and "Sketch-uational Comedy"

The second season of Kroll Show, which premieres tonight, brings back tons of popular characters from the first season with the return of sketches like “PubLIZity,” “Rich Dicks,” and “Too Much Tuna.” The focus on building characters and telling stories separates Kroll Show from other sketch shows on air, which caused Seth Meyers’ to coin the term “sketch-uational comedy" when discussing the show.The audience becomes invested in the storylines of the characters as the show masterfully connects the sketches together, which will be extra exciting to see this season since Pretty Liz is pregnant and Dr. Armond is arrested for murder. While Nick Kroll himself stars in nearly all of [...]

This Week in Comedy: Franco Got Roasted, FXX Debuted, and 'Futurama' Ended

-Sarah Silverman wrote a touching obituary for her dog, Duck.

-Andy Samberg  did an amazing job at Comedy Central’s Roast of James Franco. We asked a bunch of comedians and actors if they wanted to be roasted.

-We interviewed W. Kamau BellGlenn Howerton, and Paul Scheer about Totally BiasedIt's Always Sunny, and The League, which all premiered on new cable channel FXX this week.

 -Futurama ended its run after 140 episodes, 14 years, seven seasons, and two networks.

-Seth Rogen and Jason Mantzoukas are getting an episode of The League centered on Dirty Randy and Rafi. 

-We looked at what's new this season with Splitsider’s Fall Movie Preview and [...]

Watch Andre and Trixie's Wedding Invitation from 'The League'

Here's a new promo for The League, which debuts its fifth season on FX's new sister channel FXX September 4th, that doubles for a wedding invitation video from Andre (Paul Scheer) and Trixie (Jayma Mays) and triples as the coolest wedding invitation video of all time.

Seth Rogen and Jason Mantzoukas Talked About Making a Dirty Randy and Rafi Movie Together

In Seth Rogen's two guest spots on FX's The League, he and actor Jason Mantzoukas have proven to be a great team. Rogen has exceled at playing despicable librarian/pornographer Dirty Randy, best friend to Mantzoukas's own dirtbag character Rafi. In an interview with Complex today, Rogen reveals that he and Mantzoukas have had non-serious talks about spinning their characters off into their own story. Here's a clip:

Interviewer: By the way, the Dirty Randy movie needs to happen. Rogen: It does! Mantzoukas and I were actually just talking about it. I saw him on Saturday night. We were like, "We should just do something that focuses on our two characters." [...]

Season 6 of 'The League' Premieres on FXX September 3rd

The League is coming back on FX's sister network FXX, and it now has a confirmed premiere date. Paul Scheer tweeted out the news today that the show's 13-episode sixth season will kick off on Wednesday, September 3rd at 10:00pm followed by new episodes of Ali G Rezurection at 10:30. Here's what Paul Scheer had to say on the show in his interview with us earlier this month:

Yeah, I actually started this week. We are back for season six. I just got a bunch of the scripts and am in the middle reading them now. We'll be back, I think, in September, and maybe I'm giving [...]

Talking to Jason Mantzoukas About 'The League', Improv, and Playing Lovable Lunatics

Jason Mantzoukas is known for playing the crazy man, and he couldn’t be happier. The UCB-trained improviser, actor, and writer is most known for his over-the-top and likely psychopathic breakout character Rafi on FXX's The League, but he's also appeared as eccentric perfume magnate Dennis Feinstein on Parks and Rec and nuclear specialist and sidekick to Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator. Mantzoukas co-hosts the bad movie podcast How Did This Get Made? and has written for Childrens Hospital. Most recently, he co-wrote an episode of The League with Seth Rogen that polarized fans of the show when it chucked the main cast to focus almost entirely on otherwise secondary characters Rafi [...]

Talking to Paul Scheer About 'The League', 'NTSF', the Genius of Arsenio Hall, and More

Paul Scheer must be the comedic actor everyone can agree on because as of publication he’s appeared in shows on the following networks: MTV, Fox, Comedy Central, IFC, Adult Swim, NBC, FX, E!, HBO, ABC and Starz.

Sure, some of those are blink-and-you’ll-miss-him bit parts, but there are also plenty of starring roles, including his portrayal of Dr. Andre Nowzick on FX’s The League, as well as Trent Hauser on Adult Swim’s NTSF:SD:SUV, a show he also created.

Like many of today’s TV comedy regulars, Scheer got his start at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York. It’s become the norm for UCB talent to appear in [...]

FX's Sister Channel FXX to Launch Sept. 2nd in 72 Million Homes

FXX, a new cable network that's a sister channel to FX, is set to debut in two weeks on Monday, September 2nd, at 7 AM ET/PT. The channel will be carried by every major cable provider and will be available in 72 million homes across the country. To find where the channel is on your system, check out GetFXX.com.

Geared towards a younger audience than FX, FXX will initially start out with all comedy shows and movies before expanding to drama. The new seasons of FX hits It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell will all premiere on FXX in a [...]

FX Is Officially Launching the All-Comedy Channel FXX in September, Anchored by 'Always Sunny' and 'The League'

Cable network FX officially announced today plans to start up a new channel focused on comedy programming called FXX this fall, anchored by its longest running comedies It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League. FX has renewed Always Sunny, The League, and Legit for a tenth, sixth, and second season, respectively, with the already-announced upcoming ninth and fifth seasons of Always Sunny and The League set to debut on FXX in the fall. Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell will be airing five nights a week on FXX.

As far as FX (and not FXX) stuff goes, the network announced that the fourth season of Louie will debut in May [...]

Paul Scheer on 'The Hotwives of Orlando' and All the Other Stuff He's Working On

Paul Scheer is crazy busy. Now that the full first season of his most recent show, The Hotwives of Orlando, is available on Hulu, Scheer is moving full steam ahead with tons of other projects, from developing a cartoon with Adult Swim to an anthology series with HBO. He’ll also be starring in season six of The League on FXX, which is set to debut this fall, and releasing a comedy special with Rob Huebel based on their live UCB show Crash Test. Scheer talks about always wanting to keep things fresh, whether through the podcast, How Did This Get Made?, which he hosts with Jason Mantzoukas and his wife June Diane [...]

Jeff Schaffer, Writer for 'Seinfeld', 'Curb', and More Explains How He Writes Comedy

"I learned how to write comedy from Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and it was all about structure. Structure, structure, structure. A Seinfeld episode and a Curb episode and a League episode are all written the exact same way."

-The League co-creator Jeff Schaffer, who's previously written for Seinfeld, Curb, and Sacha Baron Cohen's movies, in a detailed interview with Fast Company about his writing process.

Seth Rogen and Jason Mantzoukas Wrote an Episode of 'The League' About Their Characters Rafi and Dirty Randy

Seth Rogen and Jason Mantzoukas are getting their very own episode of The League centered on their characters Dirty Randy and Rafi. According to FXX's TV listings, the fourth episode of the show's fifth season, which starts tonight, is called "Rafi and Dirty Randy" and Rogen and Mantzoukas even wrote it themselves. Mantzoukas has had a recurring role on The League for years now as Nick Kroll's skeezebag brother-in-law Rafi, and Rogen has popped up in two episodes as Rafi's porn director best friend. Rogen said in an interview in May that he and Mantzoukas wanted to write something based around their characters, but now it's quickly [...]

Jason Mantzoukas: "Since Growing the Beard, I Haven't Stopped Working"

"Since growing the beard, I haven't stopped working. There seems to be a neverending number of maniacs, sociopaths, and sleazeballs that need a bearded greek to portray them."

- The League's Jason Mantzoukas in a piece he wrote for GQ about the pros and cons of having big crazy beard.