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Paul Scheer's First Comic Book 'Aliens vs. Parker' Is Out Today

Paul Scheer, of NTSF, The League, and Human Giant fame, wrote his first comic book, and it's out today. Called Aliens vs. Parker, Scheer co-authored the four issue comic miniseries with Nick Giovannetti, a comedy writer who's worked for MTV and Adult Swim. Aliens vs. Parker is a comedic sci-fi story that follows a group of slacker video game players, working for a space delivery service, who have to put their video games away to fight for their lives on a mysterious planet. You can pick up the first issue of the digital comic for $3.99 on Comixology right now. Scheer originally conceived of the story as [...]

Timothy Olyphant, J.B. Smoove, and Just About Everyone Else Is Guest Starring on 'The League' This Season

The League creators Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer chatted with TVGuide today and spilled the beans about several exciting guest stars set to make appearances on the upcoming season, which debuts tonight on FX at 10:30. The many guest spots the Schaffers mention include Timothy Olyphant as "a white sushi chef," J.B. Smoove as a guy in a wheelchair who gets into a conflict with the guys, Julia Duffy as Kevin and Taco's mom, Robert Wagner as Pete's grandfather, Kristin Cavallari as the wife of NFL-er Jay Cutler, and as documented on Twitter with a faux-fistfight, Ken Marino will be playing the gang's high school enemy in an episode [...]

'NY Times' Writer Really, Really Hates the Overuse of the Phrase "Really?"

"I could successfully argue that the 'Really?' epidemic on scripted shows is lazy writing; why do the hard work of spinning meaningful dialogue when you can grab a cheap laugh with a single word? But I’m more concerned about the role these TV 'Reallys?' are playing in the continuing collapse of society."

New York Times writer Neil Genzlinger singles out SNL, The Daily Show, and The League, amongst other shows, in his piece about the overuse of the phrase "Really?" in scripted television. Good thing Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler are too busy to make a "Really!?! with Seth and Amy" spin-off because it would cause this columnist's [...]

'Always Sunny' and 'The League' to Premiere on 10/11/12

FX announced its fall schedule, so thankfully we'll have some answers when our less frequent blog reading friends ask us: "When does Always Sunny and The League return?" The answer: October 11, 2012 or to be more catchy with it "10-11-12." Like last year, they'll air at 10:00 and 10:30pm respectively. Unlike last year, they'll be followed by a revamped version of BrandX with Russell Brand. Hopefully, revamping means it will be just be another episode of Sunny or The League.

Jeff Goldblum and Nick Kroll in Matching Ruxin Family Bathrobes

Take a gander at this photo of Jeff Goldblum proudly wearing the Ruxin family bathrobe to play Rodney's father Rupert on the Thanksgiving episode of The League. Here's hoping his vocabulary is as filthy as his son's, and that the two of them spend the entire episode in those bathrobes.

FX Renews 'The League' for Season Five

The FX network just announced that it's picked up its long-running sitcom The League for a fifth season. Season 5 will kick off (get it? it's a sports show) next fall and run for 13 episodes. The League creators Jackie and Jeff Schaffer told fans they have big, mysterious plans for the first episode of Season 5 in a Reddit AMA in October, saying, "We pitched the Season 5 premiere episode to FX back in May when we presented all 13 of Season 4. They're crazy if they don't let you guys see that show. It will be insane." The League's double-episode Season 4 finale airs tonight [...]

Paul Scheer to Guest Star on 'Modern Family', Continuing His Quest to Appear on Every TV Comedy

Paul Scheer will be guest starring as a Costco manager in an upcoming episode of Modern Family that'll be airing later in the season, which means that he can cross another show off his list in his attempt to appear on every hip comedy on TV. He's now adding Modern Family to an impressive list of guest star credits that includes 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Party Down, Childrens Hospital, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Bob's Burgers, and Happy Endings (not to mention his own shows NTSF:SD:SUV and The League). Hopefully, after filming his Modern Family guest spot, Paul Scheer will race straight to the sets of The Office or Community, [...]

Highlights from 'The League' Cast and Crew's Reddit AMA

The cast and creators of FX's The League took to Reddit today to answer fan questions in between filming an episode from the new season (which kicks off – no sports reference intended – October 11th). Here are some of the best moments from the gang's chat:

On censorship:

Has there been a scene that was so offensive that it actually ended up getting cut from the show?

FX is pretty cool but let's just say there is a version of the Naginta song from Season 2 Episode 3 that will only ever exist for our own personal amusement

Are there any jokes you guys could not air on [...]

The League Will Be Back For Next Year's Fantasy Football Season

There will officially be another year of the Shiva Bowl! So many more opportunities for Ellie to use the words jibber and suckstick, for Rafi and Dirty Randy to do awful things, for Taco to do secretly genius things, and for Andre to wear things he saw in GQ. Yep, it's great news for everyone.

Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum to Guest Star on The League

The League is welcoming a couple of extended family members this holiday season: Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum. Silverman will play Andre's (Paul Scheer) sister and Goldblum will play Ruxin's (Nick Kroll) father. They'll both be coming for Thanksgiving dinner, which will have the dudes' fantasy football league gathered around the festive table, as is tradition.

Seth Rogen, Jeff Goldblum, and Bob Odenkirk Are Coming to 'The League'

The League's fourth season wraps up next month, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the FX sitcom has a whole slew of impressive guest stars lined up to round out the year. The show will be airing two new episodes a night on December 6th, 13th, and 20th, and two of the best guest stars from last season are set to return: Seth Rogen and Jeff Golblum as Rafi's friend Dirty Randy and Ruxin's sleazy father Rupert, respectively. Dirty Randy will be preparing for the world to end in a December 13th episode, while Rupert Ruxin will pop up on December 20th to "insert himself into a marital [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'The League: Season Three'

The fourth season of FX's super fun fantasy football comedy The League kicks off tomorrow night at 10pm, but it's not too late to get all caught up on the excellent third season. Well, it's a little late, but you know, just DVR the first couple episodes of the new season while you watch last season. You're an adult, you can figure out the logistics yourself. In any case, The League season three just came out on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday, so hop on that while the hopping's good and then get ready for the new battle for the Shiva.

Get Comfortable with These 7 Promos for 'The League'

How did your fantasy team do last weekend? What's that? You lost? Sorr– Your opponent had Julio Jones? Yeah, he killed i– Oh, and you started Fred Jackson? I mean, come on, you can’t be too surprised when Fred Jackson gets injur– Sorry, I forgot this isn't Offsider.com, the Internet's premiere comedic fantasy football blog. Speaking of comedic fantasy football, watch the rest of the promos after the jump.

The League's Creators Tell Reddit What To Expect This Season

The creators and executive producers of The League, Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer, have taken their talents to Reddit (that's a sports reference, kind of, right?) to answer fan's questions. So far, they have promised that this season will see the return of Mr. McGibblets as well as one of the "out-of-town guys," who'll be played by Will Forte.

Another tidbit of interest for the fantasy football player League fans among us (we know you're out there. Yeah, you): the two creators plus the six lead cast members have a real-life 8-team league. The current champ is the female Schaffer, and true to his character, Nick [...]