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The Season of the Not-Quite-There Sitcom

Sitcoms are tricky shows to invest in. They need a little time and a few episodes to grow into the shows they’re meant to be — for 30 Rock to find its manic energy or Community to really let itself be weird. On rare occasions, a comedy’s auspices are clear and realized enough that the tone and thrust of its run makes itself clear from the get go: Modern Family — the overtly affluent, opaquely progressive, and broadly slapstick ensemble that debuted in 2009 — is ABC’s proudest, most lucrative example.

The network sitcoms that survived the initial ratings bloodbath and its subsequent wave of early cancellations, specifically [...]

Being #1 Again Has Gone to NBC’s Head; Network Renews Shows Left and Right

Hot on the heels of today's news that NBC finished first with viewers under 50 for premiere week for the first time in nine years, the execs at the Peacock Network have gone ahead and ordered up full seasons of two of their most popular comedies, the Matthew Perry grieve-fest Go On and the controversial-for-Utah adoption sitcom The New Normal (NBC's freshman drama Revolution also got renewed, but the dramatic arts don't concern us here). Both comedies benefited from having the wildly-popular singing competition The Voice as a lead-in, an advantage that the rest of the networks' sitcoms haven't had (and have been suffering for), but it's good to see that [...]

'Go On' Strong in Its Tuesday Debut, 'The New Normal' Does OK

NBC has started fall TV slightly early, so for at least one week they can pretend to be the kings of television once again. Their plan worked last night. Did you watch Go On and The New Normal last night? Both had moments that were good, solid, and rough. Ratings wise, Go On did quite well for itself. (That's right, an NBC comedy doing well.) It was watched by a little over 9.5 million people, with a 3.4 rating 18-49. This was partly the result of having The Voice as its lead in, but, to its credit, Go On was able to hold a large majority of the [...]

A Utah NBC Affiliate Won't Run 'The New Normal' Because Gay People

Utah, bastion of Mormonism and tolerance, is home to KSL, the single NBC affiliate refusing to air upcoming comedy The New Normal. The show centers on a gay couple conceiving via a surrogate, and the wackiness that naturally surrounds such endeavors. And clearly, that will not stand. Jeff Simpson, CEO of KSL’s parent company, Bonneville International, justified the exclusion by saying that "For our brand, this program simply feels inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time." Of course, all the rape-and-murder-filled Law and Order franchise is fine. Naturally, this didn't sit well with GLAD, who released a statement that said in part: “We invite Jeff Simpson [...]

Let's Rank This Fall's New Comedies Based On Their Trailers And Who's Involved In Them

The first episode of a comedic television series is a good indicator for what the show can become. They are also almost always not particularly funny, needing to spend the majority of their time giving the viewer a tour of their expansive house that isn't completely constructed yet. On the other hand, we were bombarded with news from the upfronts about the new shows that are going to change the way we live and breathe, so it's only fair that we unfairly judge them based on three minutes of footage.

There are eight comedies premiering this fall on the four major networks. They are listed in order of how [...]

NBC President Talks Comedy Changes: 'The Farm,' 'Parks and Rec,' 'Community'

This has been a transitional season for NBC's comedy department, with the network seemingly abandoning developing hip young shows like Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, and Community to focus on more traditional, broadly-appealing sitcoms like Go On and The New Normal (with much better results, ratings-wise). NBC Entertainment Jennifer Salke spoke to TV Guide today about the changes to the network's comedy strategy:

"We just want a different brand. We don't want a narrow brand in the sense of some of those shows that we inherited here, which we're huge fans of, [but] have a very narrow audience… It would be easy if we hated those shows, but we actually [...]

NBC’s Ratings Are Up, Other Networks Down in Bizarro Premiere Week

In an interesting twist of fate for the broadcast networks this past week, NBC finished in first place in the 18-49 demo for “Premiere Week” for the first time since 2003 (back when Friends, Will & Grace, and ER were still things and people cared about The Apprentice). NBC’s ratings rose 12 percent compared to last year’s Premiere Week, whereas the other three big networks (ABC, CBS, Fox) all suffered sharp plunges of at least 20 percent. NBC’s surprising victory is mainly thanks to singing competition The Voice, which is a smash hit on both Mondays and Tuesday nights, and not thanks to the network’s comedies, which [...]

'The New Normal' Finds a Utah Home

Last week KSL-TV, a Utah NBC affiliate, refused to air The New Normal because of all its frightening gay characters. (What with their loving relationship and stable jobs OOOooOOOooOOO spOOOoooOOoky.) Well, KSL-TV's loss is KUCW's gain. KUCW is apparently a network run by sinners who are fine running scandalous programs like The New Normal, Playboy Club, and Saturday Night Live. Oddly enough, the show will air as part of a devilish comedy block on Saturday nights at 10pm right before SNL. It's a good thing for the homophobic Utahns that there are no other shows featuring gay characters on television, well, except like every show.

'Portlandia', 'Community' and More Guest Star Business

Chloe Sevigny is going stop by Portlandia to play Fred and Carrie's new roommate Alexandra. If you made a list of perfect Portlandia guest stars, Chlo-Sev had to be in the top seven, if not the top four.

Little Britain's Matt Lucas (aka the bald fellow in Bridesmaids) will be coming to Community to play Toby, a nerdish fellow who Abed meets at an Inspector Spacetime convention. The fast friends become faster friends when they learn they had previously "met" online. Sounds like a nice enough character, which makes me believe he will ultimately turn into a villain. A British villain. I smell a [...]

Full Trailers For NBC's Four New Fall Comedies

Is sad the new funny? It might be on Tuesdays on NBC. The trailers for Go On and The New Normal suggest a lot of crying and looking in the distance at nothing. Where Animal Practice and Guys with Kids looks more like silly fun times (one literally stars a monkey). My money (yep, I bet on pilots) is for Go On to be the best of these shows; even in this trailer, there is a confidence and a clear comedic voice. It's hard to say if that will translate into ratings or if it will be too dark and end up another underappreciated NBC sitcom. The rest of [...]

Ratings from the Tuesday Sitcom Showdown: Fox vs. NBC vs. ABC

It was an odd move when three of the four major networks announced they were all airing comedies against each other during the 9pm hour on Tuesdays this fall. Last night was the first time that Fox, NBC, and ABC's sitcoms all squared off against each other (due to ABC's late premieres), and the ratings are in. At 9pm, New Girl won the hour with a 2.7 rating in the 18-49 demo, besting Go On (2.5) and the season premiere of Happy Endings (1.9). The New Normal (1.8) narrowly beat Don't Trust the B (1.7) at 9:30, with Fox's The Mindy Project pre-empted for singing competition X [...]

So…NBC's Ratings Last Night Were…Yeah

We all missed our NBC comedies, right? Right? We might be the only ones. They did realllllllly bad in the ratings last night. Everything was down. The most shocking is The Office, which brought in only 4.32 million people, with a 2.1 18-49 rating. That is 46% down from last season's premiere. Last season's finale brought in only a 2.3 but premieres tend to do better than most episodes. Parks and Rec also did terribly, bringing in a disappointing 1.7 rating in the demo, which is the same as their season 4 finale. Up All Night came in with a 1.3. SNL Weekend Update Thursday garnered a 1.6, [...]

Watch 'The New Normal's' Newly Normal Pilot

TV! TV! TV! Yesterday, Fox threw up Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project and now we have NBC's gayby show, The New Normal. The pilot isn't especially funny – unless you find an archetypal precocious kid or an arrestingly bigoted grandma supes funny – but it is really sweet, which is something. What do you think?

One Million Moms Is Taking on 'The New Normal'; Is the Worst

One Million Moms is a group of about 40,000 (not one million) bigot moms who aspire to make sure their kids grow up with completely intolerant, prejudicial upbringings. They previously failed in their protest of Oreo's rainbow Oreos, Ellen DeGeneres's hiring as the spokeperson for JC Penny, and gay comic book heroes. Their new target is NBC's freshman sitcom The New Normal, a show about a gay couple who is able to have a baby as a result of a surrogate. The awful Moms explained on their site:

NBC is using public airwaves to continue to subject families to the decay of morals and [...]