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Ken Finkleman and the Art of Being Derivative

Like many series of the mid-90s, 1996’s The Newsroom began as an imitator of The Larry Sanders Show. The latter show opened the door for the cruelty and self-absorption that are the hallmarks of great sitcoms since. The former was huge on Canadian television (and eventually aired on PBS), but it was just one of many series created by Ken Finkleman. Finkleman’s longtime avatar, George Findlay, served as a means of exorcising his own demons, and the shows were indicators of what comedy Finkleman was watching (usually modern experimental sitcoms). It’s fair to accuse Finkleman of being derivative, but his shows are much more [...]

Is 'The Newsroom' Really Just an Unfunny Remake of 'NewsRadio'?

At its heart, HBO's The Newsroom has been a sitcom. Sure, it might be an hour-long and take itself really, really seriously, but consider the following: most of The Newsroom takes place in a single location, and most episodes tends to focus more on witty banter and romantic entanglements instead of, you know, reporting the news. Running time and “Fix You” montages aside, the show is an old-fashioned workplace sitcom. Reshoot it with three cameras in front of a studio audience, and The Newsroom could fit right at home on Must See TV, alongside Cheers and Night Court. (Although The Newsroom’s treatment of female characters might seem antiquated even for the 1980s.)

Aaron Sorkin is no stranger [...]

Emily Mortimer Sells a Semi-Autobiographical Comedy to HBO

Emily Mortimer, star of The Newsroom and Shutter Island amongst countless other things, is co-creating and starring in a new comedy that'll be airing on HBO, THR reports. The show is called Doll & Em, and it was created by and stars Mortimer and her real-life best friend Dolly Wells, a British actress who's appeared in UK series Spy and The Mighty Boosh. The six-episode series was commissioned by British channel Sky Living, and it'll premiere there in February. There's no word on when Doll & Em will premiere on HBO.

Patton Oswalt to Read Aaron Sorkin Sermons on 'The Newsroom'

Patton Oswalt has been cast in a recurring role in the second season of Aaron Sorkin's talky HBO series The Newsroom, Deadline reports. Oswalt is playing Jonas Pfeiffer, the new Vice President of Human Resources at the Atlantic Cable News Channel. Who better than a comedian to deliver preachy Sorkin sermons?