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More Info on Funny Or Die's Revamped Version of 'The Occasional', Now a Humor Website

Earlier this month, Funny Or Die announced that its humor journal The Occasional is now a website instead of an iOS magazine that charges money. Now, the new version of The Occasional has started to roll out new content in the form of written humor pieces.

The Occasional's editor Dan Abramson tells Splitsider:

"Ultimately, we were very sorry to say goodbye to the magazine format, but are excited for the future. We loved getting to make a humor magazine, so we're going to try maintain the same spirit while expanding our reach. So we're going to start with the same types of pieces: in depth articles, interactivity, [...]

Funny Or Die's Humor Magazine 'The Occasional' Is Now a Free Website Instead of an App that Charges Money

Funny Or Die launched its digital humor magazine, The Occasionalin the spring of 2012, but they made some major changes to it today. The Occasional is now a free, regularly-updated website instead of being a sporadic iOS magazine that charges a fee. Here's an excerpt from today's announcement about the future of The Occasional:

Our goal is to try to raise bar for internet comedy with high-brow humor. This site will be a curated, lean-back experience that’s not afraid to experiment. Not every written piece of comedy on the internet needs to be in list form. Not everything needs to be a quiz. No pandering. No cheap laughs.


Funny or Die Launches a New iPad App Publication for Cash Money

Funny or Die's making a move into iPad content like many other comedy creators – but this app will represent a distinct publication, a "digital magazine" called The Occasional (see the cover of the first issue below). A "satire of the magazine format itself," the publication will cost $1.99 per bimonthly issue, or $9.99 a year. And while it's produced by the same people who make Funny or Die's videos, The Occasional will take advantage of its digital format with features like interactive Marc Maron-voiced games and projected Mitt Romney hair timelines.

Any prediction on the outcome of Funny or Die's experiment? On one hand, ten bucks is [...]