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Watch Jamie Lee Do Standup on 'The Pete Holmes Show'

Pete Holmes Show staff writer Jamie Lee did a standup set last night, covering everything from being a special occasion drinker to her literal takes on pickup lines to her time on the acne medication Accutane, which doesn't have the best side effects for a single woman trying not to look insane and suicidal on first dates.

Rob Riggle and Pete Holmes Compare the Worlds of Standup and Improv

If you're looking to get into comedy but not sure whether you'd like to start as a standup or improv performer, take a look at Rob Riggle's careful breakdown on The Pete Holmes Show of the supportive, team-oriented experience he had in improv starting out versus when he first tried standup, a world he describes as "the land of the broken toys."

Pete Holmes Calls Vega's Claw an Insurance Liability in 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

In the second episode of his new Street Fighter-themed web series, Pete Holmes interviews Vega, the fancypants pretty boy from Spain who insists on wearing a mask, fighting with a huge claw, and crawling up chain link fences to avoid getting his beautiful face hit. Holmes tries to explain to Vega just how big of an insurance liability the claw is given he's the only fighter with a weapon, and it's nice to see Vega exposed as the cheating wuss he truly is.

Pete Holmes Pitches a Movie Idea to Judd Apatow

The Pete Holmes Show returned to the airwaves last night, and Holmes sat down with superstar comedy filmmaker Judd Apatow to pitch him a movie. Apatow is pretty straightforward about what he looks for in his leading male actors — they've got to be Jewish and they've got to have a "comedy penis" — and Holmes demonstrated that he's willing to do anything to star in an Apatow film.

TBS Renews 'The Pete Holmes Show' for 13 Weeks

TBS announced today that they've renewed their late night series The Pete Holmes Show for 13 more weeks. The show, which is on a short hiatus currently, will return with new episodes on February 24th. The Conan O-Brien-produced half-hour talk show, which premiered in October, will continue to air at midnight Monday through Thursday after Conan. The renewal, a short order in the late night world, will see Pete Holmes Show continuing into the summer.

"The first 28 episodes were a joy to make, and I'm so thrilled we get to keep going," Holmes said in a statement. "We have so much more we want to do, and I'm [...]

Adam Scott Outs Pete Holmes as a Supernatural Racist

On last night's Pete Holmes Show, Adam Scott made Pete Holmes look like a fool for not knowing who Stephen Dorff is or knowing what the movie Blade is, other than "black vampire." In return, Holmes does little to help Scott after his Jim Jarmusch joke bombs with the audience.

Kumail Nanjiani Plays the Unmarketable Dhalsim in 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

In the newest installment of Pete Holmes's Street Fighter-themed web series, Kumail Nanjiani plays the slow and stretchy Indian yogi Dhalsim, who Holmes calls out for being completely unmarketable and a walking contradiction who doesn't even know what yoga is.

Jenny Slate and Pete Holmes Have a Girly Chat

The delightful Jenny Slate was a guest on last night's Pete Holmes Show, and she and Pete got extra comfy for a "Gabbin' Like Gals" segment in which they cover frightened farts, robbers, shorts forts, Jenny's favorite sexual things, Pete's homemade shampoo recipe, and more. She also makes plenty of silly sound effects.

Pete Holmes Renames Ryu's Spinning Kick in 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

Ryu has always seemed to make himself overly complicated in Street Fighter, and Pete Holmes has addressed that in what I hope is the first of many episodes of his new series "Street Fighter Red Tape," in which he guides Ryu (played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar) through some "pre-approved fight statements" as well as some deeper questions involving Ryu's sexual preferences.

Pete Holmes and Patton Oswalt Discuss Their Terrible Old Jokes

Patton Oswalt dropped by The Pete Holmes Show last night, and here the two share some of their old bad joke ideas, then Pete gives Patton a weird compliment. Click through to watch Patton explain what kind of serial killer he'd be and respond to Pete's question "What happens when we die?" which is totally not too heavy for this time in the morning, right?

Pete Holmes Shares Some Delirious 4am Observations

Pete Holmes gets some crazy ideas — or delirious observational humor, really — in the middle of the night, and he shared a few of them on last night's Pete Holmes Show. Apparently Holmes likes to crack himself up a lot at four in the morning.

Bo Burnham and Pete Holmes Discuss the Freakdom of Being Tall

Comedian Bo Burnham was a guest on The Pete Holmes Show last night, and the guys spent much of the interview talking about what it's like to be tall and some of the good and not so good height joke material they've come up with in the past. Click through to watch the conversation evolve from height to puberty, where Holmes and Burnham spend a solid three minutes talking about the days their bodies changed, which always starts with "the itch."

New Material Seinfeld Pays Pete Holmes a Visit

Last week Jerry Seinfeld did standup on The Tonight Show, and last night New Material Seinfeld did standup on The Pete Holmes Show. One of them joked about cell phones and the United States Postal Service, and the other one joked about hardwood floors and typewriters. Does it really matter which one is a real human being and which one is a blue felt puppet wearing a tiny Jerry Seinfeld wig?

Pete Holmes Answers Fans' Burning Valentine's Day Questions

The Pete Holmes Show returns for a second season February 24th on TBS, so Holmes decided to gear up for the show with this new video fit for the Valentine's Day season. Sending deepest sympathies to all the hopeless romantics out there who are currently stuck inside a water slide.