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Talking to Paul F. Tompkins About 'Speakeasy', Ice-T, and 'Mr. Show's 20th Anniversary

2014 has been a busy year for Paul F. Tompkins so far. He's starring in an ABC sitcom pilot opposite Molly Shannon and hosting the web chat series Speakeasy, Fusion's political puppet show No, You Shut Up!, the podcast/live show Dead Authors, and his Largo live show Varietopia. I recently caught up with Tompkins on the set of Speakeasy to talk about the plethora of projects he has going, being hoodwinked by an Ice-T impersonator, and Mr. Show's upcoming 20th anniversary.

Paul F. Tompkins Says 'The Pod F. Tompkast' Will Return This Year

Paul F. Tompkins hasn't put out a full new episode of his beloved comedy podcast, The Pod F. Tompkast, since November of 2012, but it looks like the show will be coming back at some point in 2014. Tompkins tweeted over the weekend, "And know that The Pod F. Tompkast WILL return this year. We're headed back into the studio very soon!" Launched in 2010, each episode of The Pod F. Tompkast features Tompkins doing sketches, making a phone call to friend/standup Jen Kirkman, and addressing the audience with stream of consciousness monologues over composer Eban Schletter's piano playing.

Although Paul F. Tompkins hasn't put out a new episode of that [...]

Jen Kirkman Is Developing a New Comedy for FX as a Starring Vehicle for Herself

Jen Kirkman is working on a new show for FX. The LA-based standup and Chelsea Lately regular has sold the network a script for a new comedy called Jen that she will potentially create and star in, Deadline reports. Jen follows a recently-divorced woman in her mid-30s who once did everything she was expected to but is now doing whatever she wants. Right now, Kirkman only has a script deal with FX, meaning that the network has yet to greenlight a pilot or a series. Kirkman is executive producing the project alongside Chelsea Handler. Kirkman is a regular on Paul F. Tompkins's podcast (The Pod F. Tompkast) and the [...]