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Maria Bamford and Melinda Hill's Debtors Anonymous Group Explores Powerlessness

In the second episode of their new Funny or Die web series The Program, Maria Bamford and Melinda Hill help lead their Debtors Anonymous group through acknowledging their own powerlessness as well as weekly donations, triggers, DA's rule against crosstalk, and how different they are from those rowdy AA types down the hall.

Maria Bamford and Melinda Hill Star in New 12-Step Funny or Die Series 'The Program'

Here's part 1 of a new Funny or Die series created by and starring Maria Bamford and Melinda Hill called The Program, about a 12-step meeting for debtors in LA that includes Oscar Nunez, George Basil, and Jerry Minor as the clueless new guy who doesn't get that not wanting to work for money isn't laziness — it's a disease.

Watch Jon Stewart's Appearance on Egypt's 'The Daily Show'

Two weeks after Jon Stewart left The Daily Show for the summer to direct his first movie in the Middle East, he turned up on the Egyptian equivalent to The Daily Show on Friday. Here's his appearance in full on Al-Bernameg (The Program) with host Bassem Youssef, who's done Stewart's show a couple times in the past. Youssef has Stewart brought out as a hooded spy before transitioning into a normal interview. Don't worry, Jon Stewart runs out of things to say in Arabic at the 2:35 mark, so the rest of the interview is in English, meaning you'll be able to understand it.