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Watch The Roots and Miley Cyrus Do an A Cappella Version of "We Can't Stop"

Miley Cyrus was the only guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, and once again The Roots demonstrated that they're the most gifted musicians in late night, if not all of television. This a cappella rendition of "We Can't Stop", which features the band as well as Miley and Jimmy in a Brady Bunch-style split screen, is simple but undeniably charming. Though for my money, it'll never rival their cover of the Sesame Street theme.

Watch The Lonely Island Perform "YOLO" with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Andy Samberg was on Fallon yesterday and ended the show performing the song "YOLO" with his fellow Lonely Island bandmates, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots joining him for one heck of a supergroup.

Black Simon & Garfunkel Return to Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon welcomed back Black Simon & Garfunkel to his show last night, and the duo performed a tender, refined cover of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's "Thrift Shop." Black Simon & Garfunkel are played by Questlove and "Captain" Kirk Douglas from The Roots, and for some reason, they haven't started touring with this side project yet.

Fallon Brings Us "Black Simon and Garfunkel"

Were any of you nervous when you saw this headline? Like, "Holy shiz, was Fallon in blackface last night? America's nicest human just doing some blackface, I got to see this." Luckily, for everyone this video is on the level and Fallon has decided to stick with his go to: smilingface.

?uestlove on The Roots Becoming Jimmy Fallon's House Band

Pitchfork has a lengthy interview with ?uestlove today, and he talks briefly about The Roots becoming Fallon's house band: In 2007, the road was really taking a toll on us. Some people in the group have kids, and those kids weren't newborn babies anymore; the goodbyes at the airport and the tour bus started becoming unbearable to watch. So my manager and I were always like, "If there was only a way for us to maintain the same money that we're earning now, but stay in one place."

There are only two places in the United States that would let us do a residency that long: Vegas and [...]

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Did the 'Sesame Street' Theme Song With Muppet Help

The Muppet cast of Sesame Street joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots last night to perform the Sesame Street theme song on classroom instruments, complete with a Sesame-themed rap from Black Thought. It's hard to tell whether The Roots are making Sesame Street cooler or the other way around, but it's a beautiful melding of late night comedy and children's television.

Questlove and The Roots Are Writing the New 'Tonight Show' Theme Music

"Oh, boy. I'm having these nightmares of da-da-da-ah. Ah. Waking up in the middle of the night. Oh, my god. Yeah. This is — I'm going to — we're going to write a new theme and I'm thinking about it every second. Even now as I talk to you I'm thinking of that theme. Like, like I -—we will be the first thing that is heard when the world is watching that new Tonight Show."

Questlove to Terry Gross on the challenge that he's faced with in writing a new theme song for The Tonight Show. (via PCB)

Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey, and The Roots Perform "All I Want for Christmas" with Kids' Instruments

Here's Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, joined by Mariah Carey, in a video recorded backstage before a Late Night taping in which they play "All I Want for Christmas Is You," entirely using elementary school classroom instruments. Questlove is really tearing it up on that wooden clacker.

Supercut of Every Roots Shout Out on 'Late Night'

Give it up for The Roots. Man, The Roots. The Roots, amirite!? Yes U R, The Roots. How about those guys [point towards The Roots]? Dude. The Roots. Dude. So cool – The Roots. The Roots – SO cool. Guys… guys… The… ROOTS.  Is that The Roots? It is The Roots. The Roots, The Roots, The Roots is on fire, we don't need no water…don't let The Roots burn, please. One more time, everybody, The Roots. [Casual head nod with an a slight eyebrow raise towards The Roots.] Roots Roots Roots for The Roots team, if they don't win it's a shame. In all seriousness, THE ROOOOOOOOOTS. T. H. [...]

The Roots Are Awesome

From GQ's comedy issue, here's an ode to The Roots, which have quickly become the heart and soul of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Says ?uestlove, "You can only be one-dimensional in hip-hop. You have to be a caricature. This show allows us to be three-dimensional people."

Watch Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke, and The Roots Perform 'Blurred Lines' with Classroom Instruments

Last night on Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke visited and played a cover of his song "Blurred Lines" with him, the Roots, and Fallon using elementary school classroom instruments. Like when Fallon and The Roots played "All I Want for Christmas" with Mariah Carey with kids instruments last year, it's a pretty fun time.

The Roots Are Staying with Jimmy Fallon for 'The Tonight Show'

One of the big questions about Jimmy Fallon's ascendance to the Tonight Show throne in February 2014 has been "Will his amazing house band The Roots follow him to the new program?" Speaking to FUSE today, Roots frontman ?uestlove says the answer is yes. When asked the question, ?uestlove responded, "Listen, The Tonight Show is coming to us. We're not going to The Tonight Show. The Tonight Show is coming to New York." He added, "Basically, it's gonna be the same show … yeah, we're staying." ?uestlove's assertion that Fallon's Tonight Show is going to be the same as his Late Night is definitely a comforting and exciting one, and [...]

Black Simon and Garfunkel Cover Taylor Swift on Fallon

Black Simon and Garfunkel returned to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to debut another new song from their box set, a soothing, autumnal cover of Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." It's a little strange that the singing duo only ever appears on Fallon, considering how popular Jimmy Fallon says they are. I'm starting to suspect that they're not a real band and that this might be some kind of a put-on. Exhibit A: Black Simon and Garfunkel bear a strong resemblance to ?uestlove and Captain Kirk Douglas, two members from Fallon's house band, The Roots. Anyone care to join me in my conspiracy theorizing?

Jimmy Fallon Headed To Indianapolis For Super Bowl

Are you ready for some Thank You Nooooooooooootes? NBC has announced that Jimmy Fallon will broadcast live from Indianapolis next February 5, 20112 following Super Bowl XLVI, which I'm assuming will entail a celebrity-studded blowout edition of Jimmy's Pro Bowl Shuffle. The Roots will also be coming along for the event, so I'm politely requesting that the show's entire cast and crew journey to the Midwest via tour bus, during which they take part in some sort of insane prank war. Thank you.