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Watch 'The Sarah Silverman Program's Tribute to Harris Wittels

Not long after posting a compilation of Harris Wittels Vines, Sarah Silverman Program co-creator Rob Schrab uploaded a new video yesterday looking back on Wittels' work and appearances on the show during his time as a writer. Be warned that this video contains a very NSFW snow sculpture as well as a cover of "First Day of My Life" by Silverman that will break your heart and make your eyes a little misty.

Dan Harmon Opens Up to Wired Magazine

Come on a journey – a Hero's Journey, if you will (you won't? Okay) – with this profile of Dan Harmon, which follows the path of Harmon's career using his own 8-step storytelling formula. Not that it's a surprise to anyone who follows his blog, but Harmon is pretty mercurial and day-drinky, as well as very similar to Community's Abed in his tendency to relate more easily to pop culture than to humans.

It's always surprising to hear someone so successful in this business admit to being vulnerable outside of Marc Maron's garage. Of his time on The Sarah Silverman Program, for example, Harmon says, [...]

Watch a Nice Long Interview with Sarah Silverman and the 'Sarah Silverman Program' Gang

YouTube's Reserve Channel has been releasing excellent extended Paley Center interviews with folks like Louis C.K., the writers of SNL, and Ricky Gervais lately, and they've just put out this new one with Sarah Silverman and the people behind The Sarah Silverman Program. The hour-plus chat was recorded in 2008 and features SSP cast members Brian Posehn, Steve Agee, Jay Johnston, and Laura Silverman, co-creator Rob Schrab, producer Heidi Herzon, writer Dan Sterling, and unfortunately, no Harris Wittels. It's a great, fascinating interview but it could use a little Foam Corner break.

Parks & Rec's Harris Wittels on Humblebrags and Internet Comments

This AV Club interview with Parks & Recreation writer Harris Wittels delves into the genesis of the Humblebrag Twitter account, back in the day when each retweet was accompanied by a “Hey guys, if you’re gonna brag, don’t be humble about it!” I can see why he shortened it. That's 57 characters right there. Wittels also talks about getting his first job on The Sarah Silverman Program at 22 and getting manhandled at a Phish concert for quietly peeing by a guy having a bad trip. Been there, am I right?