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'The Simpsons' Nails Those Terrible 'Mad Men' Teasers

Mad Men returns this Sunday, and with it, so do those incoherent teaser trailers for next week's episode, featuring a bunch of out-of-context snippets tied together. The Simpsons made a promo for its new episode in the style of those awful Mad Men teasers, and it's pretty spot-on.

Lego Is Releasing a Bunch of 'Simpsons' Minifigures

Lego announced via Facebook today that they're releasing a new series of The Simpsons minifigures to coincide with a Lego-centric episode of the show that's set to air May 4th. The 16-piece series of minifigures includes the five members of the Simpsons clan, Mr. Burns, Chief Wiggum, Ralph Wiggum, Krusty the Clown, Milhouse, Nelson, Apu, Grampa Simpson, Itchy & Scratchy, and Flanders. The minifigures will be available for $3.99 each and will be released in early May sometime around the Lego Simpsons episode. The Simpsons' Lego episode, entitled "Brick Like Me," is the 550th episode of the show, and it follows Homer waking up in a world where [...]

Here's What 'The Simpsons' Sounds Like in Six Other Countries

Here's a compilation Jeff Rubin at Buzzfeed made of classic clips from The Simpsons as they're heard in countries Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. You haven't lived until you've heard "The Monorail Song" in French.

Watch 'The Simpsons' Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

From this coming Sunday's episode of The Simpsons, which is partially set in Japan, here's a tribute to animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) featuring a ton of Simpsons characters in references to Miyazaki's movies.

Learn How to Draw the Simpsons

Animation blog Blame It on the Voices dug up un illustration of Do's and Don't's for how to draw Lisa Simpson called "Simpson No-No's" this week. You can check out the full graphic below, which shows how to get a Simpsons character's facial features just right. The animated guide comes from a 1991 interview with Simpsons animators David Silvermand Wes Archer, which is also worth a read.

Check out the animated map of Do's and Don't's below:

'The Simpsons' Will Launch on FXX with a 12-Day Marathon

FX's sister site FXX has already announced that they've acquired rights to seasons 1-24 of The Simpsons to air this August, and according to Variety, today the network announced that they'll be kicking off the show's cable debut with a 12-day Simpsons marathon in what FX's chief executive Jon Landgraf is calling "the longest continuous marathon in the history of television." FX is also expected to debut an accompanying Simpsons app in the coming weeks that will be distinct from their FXNow mobile streaming app already in place. Execs reportedly suggested the name "Simpsons World" for the app, though the official name has not yet been confirmed [...]

'The Simpsons' Enlists Ned Flanders for a Touching Marcia Wallace Tribute

Just before the credits rolled on last night's Simpsons episode "The Man Who Grew Too Much," there was a brief but emotional tribute to the late Marcia Wallace, who voiced Edna Krabappel and passed away at age 70 back in October. In the scene, Krabappel's recent husband Flanders envisions them dancing together in a heartfelt dream sequence, and even Nelson chimes in about how much Springfield misses its finest fourth grade teacher.

'The Simpsons' Is Getting LEGOfied in an Episode This May

To follow the recent success of The Lego Movie and pair with the Simpsons-themed LEGO set, Zap2it reports that the show will also be getting an entire episode animated using LEGO blocks this season to celebrate their 25-year anniversary. While no details have been released about the episode or whether it will be stop-motion or CG, it will air sometime in May — just a month after the release of the Simpsons LEGO set — so yes, soon you can watch a LEGO Simpsons episode while playing with some LEGO Simpsons.

Here's a Peek at the First 'Simpsons' LEGO Set

LEGO is releasing their first Simpsons-themed product this year, and a photo of the 2,523-piece set called The Simpsons House leaked online yesterday. In addition to an impressively detailed model of 742 Evergreen Terrace that opens and closes, the set includes minifigures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Ned Flanders with matching accessories and will reportedly retail $150-200. Click through to check out the photo of the LEGOfied Simpsons home, which you can own and assemble yourself this April.

'The Simpsons' Pays a Touching Tribute to Voice Actress Marcia Wallace

Longtime Simpsons voice actress Marcia Wallace, who voiced schoolteacher Mrs. Krabappel on the show, passed away at 70 last weekend, and yesterday night's episode of The Simpsons included a special tribute to her. The episode, which coincidentally was about the death of a Springfield resident (not Mrs. Krabappel), began with a modified version of the opening credits' chalkboard gag. Instead of writing the same phrase over and over on the chalkboard, Bart just writes, "We'll really miss you, Mrs. K" just once and looks very sad.

The episode's end credits featured a still image of Mrs. Krabappel sitting on her desk with the words "In loving memory of [...]

Watch a Frightening Video of a Woman Being Transformed Into Marge Simpson

Here is a disturbing video of makeup and hair artists transforming a human woman into Marge Simpson. Watch it in case you need to stay awake for several days straight or something. (via HuffPo)

Here's a 'Simpsons' Couch Gag Animated by 'The Triplets of Bellevile's Sylvain Chomet

The Simpsons has really been getting into having guest artists animate the show's couch gags lately. Here's the latest, set to air in this Sunday's episode, from French animator and director Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Bellevile, The Illusionist). The Simpsons started using guest artists to do the credits on occasion in 2010 and has featured couch gags from the street artist Banksy, cartoonists John Kricfalusi and Bill Plympton, and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

Watch a New 'Simpsons' Couch Gag Animated by Bill Plympton

A few years ago, The Simpsons started bringing in well-known outside artists like Banksy and John Kricfalusi to guest-animate their couch gag sequences, and here's a new one done by cartoonist Bill Plympton. This is the third couch gag Plympton has made for the show, and it'll air in this coming Sunday's episode, which also features a tribute to filmmaker/animator Hayao Miyazaki during the actual episode.

'Simpsons' Reruns Sold to FXX; Will Be the Show's First Time on Cable

The Simpsons has been on the air for 24 years but has never aired reruns on cable. That's about to change as FX's new sister network FXX just purchased the syndication rights to the series, The New York Times reports. FXX, which is owned by 20th Century Fox, now has the rights to the 530 episodes that make up the show's first 24 seasons, and they're going to start airing them in August of 2014.

FXX got the rights to Simpsons reruns after an intense bidding war that also included TBS and Adult Swim. The terms of the deal were not made public, but the price of each [...]