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All the Best Moments from Maria Bamford's Reddit AMA

Comedian Maria Bamford answered fans questions in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (or AMA) yesterday to promote her new standup special, the special special special! Here are all of her best responses:

On her favorite project she's worked on:

Whatever I'm doing in the present is my favorite- like Adventuretime- that show is so creative and lovely and the actors on it are so good- it's fun to watch people be good at their jobs.

On her recent guest spots on Louie and Arrested Development:

I'm so glad! I share about it so that I don't feel as embarrassed about it- It was scary to do "acting" because [...]

Maria Bamford's New Special, Where Her Parents Are the Only Audience Members, Is Available Now

Here's a preview of Maria Bamford's new stand-up special, entitled Maria Bamford: the special special special!, which she recorded in her living room with only her parents (Marilyn and Joel Bamford) as audience members. Bamford's longtime friend Jackie Kashian is there to introduce her and Wayne Federman accompanies her on keyboards. You can download the special now on Chill.com for $5. It promises to be the best stand-up special with a two-person audience you'll watch all year.