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Another 'Three Stooges' Movie Is Happening with the Same Cast and New Writer

You probably didn't ask for it, but it's happening anyway: Another Three Stooges movie starring Sean Hayes as Larry, Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe, and Will Sasso as Curly is in the works. According to Deadline, a sequel to the 2012 Stooges is officially happening, only this time it's not a Farrelly brothers film. Instead, the next installment will be written by Cameron Fay, who also wrote the upcoming Lorne Michaels-produced film Brothers in Law starring Taran Killam and directed by SNL's Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez aka Matt and Oz. A director for the new Stooges film has not yet been announced.

The Fifth Stooge

In November 1955, Moe Howard and Larry Fine were prepared to disband the most famous comedy troupe in U.S. history. It’s hard to blame them. The Three Stooges were still reeling from the surprise death of longtime partner Curly Howard, a fan favorite who passed on three years earlier after suffering a nasty cerebral hemorrhage. Then Moe’s brother Shemp — a founding member of the group who had left but rejoined after Curly’s health deteriorated — collapsed on a Los Angeles sidewalk after a night at the fights and died of a massive heart attack. Devastated by the loss of their comrades and skeptical they could find another collaborator with [...]

The Three Stooges Look True To Form In First Official Photo

Behold! The three stooges of The Three Stooges, Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Sean Hayes. The Farrelly brothers definitely appear to be showing a deep directorial commitment to the haircuts of the original, that's for sure. Someone's gotta keep the wigmakers of this fine industry in non-allergenic hair-glue! Whether the movie will capture the original's madcap, slapstick, compoundword spirit, though, remains to be seen next April.

A First, Cluttered Look of the Farrelly Brothers Stooges in Character

Curious as to what Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso (Moe, Larry and Curly, respectively) will look like in the upcoming Three Stooges movie from the Ferrelly Brothers? Well, someone managed to take a couple of snaps on-set, and while they're not the clearest things in the world, you can sort of see what they'll look like. I call bullshit; the original Stooges were in black and white. Where's the authenticity, Farrellys?

We Have a Curly and a Larry; a Moe Remains Elusive

Deadline confirms this morning that we are 2/3 of the way to what sounds like an intriguing Three Stooges movie. Reports say that the Farrelly brothers have cast Sean Hayes as Larry, and, as reported before, Will Sasso as Curly. The search for Moe continues; in the meantime Hayes and Sasso can get a jump on building their tolerance for brutal eye gouges.

The Complete Guide to Everything Christmas Specials Christmas Special (Part One: Christmas Specials)

This week we cover the holiday TV specials: How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express, A Charlie Brown Christmas, I Want a Dog for Christmas Charlie Brown, and The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Also, we discuss leftover antibiotics, Tom has a furniture mover steal $0.25 from him, Tim describes his perfect piece of furniture, whether Alfred Hitchcock and The 3 Stooges are alive still, why Derek Jeter doesn't beat himself up over errors, misunderstanding Bea Arthur as a drag queen as a child, 50 Shades of Tim update and we solve a problem involving a grandson not wanting his grandpa to send him to space camp.

North Koreans Hated The Three Stooges Trailer About as Much as You Did

This video from Happy Endings writer Gil Ozeri is pretty fantastic and irrefutably proves the thesis that the trailer for The Three Stooges is a universal tragedy transcending political boundaries. We suffer together, as one people. Today, and every day until the movie leaves theaters.

Oh, Jesus: The Cast of Jersey Shore Will Appear in the Three Stooges Movie

So, were you holding out hope that the Farrelly Brothers' upcoming Three Stooges reboot would be good? That they'd respect the source material and create something that we can all enjoy? Well, I've got some bad news for you: it's been announced that none other than the cast of Jersey Shore will be making an appearance in the film. I honestly can't think of any people who could more quickly kill off my interest in a movie just by being involved in it. Unless the stooges start out by playfully bonking Sammi on the head but then start bonking her on the head for real until she dies, [...]

Larry David to Play a Nun in The Three Stooges

It looks like Larry David is joining the cast of The Three Stooges in the role of Mother Mengele, the nun who runs the orphanage that the Stooges grew up in. He'll be joined by the previously announced Jane Lynch as Mother Superior, which sounds like the only pair of nuns that could get me into a Catholic Church.

Is Will Sasso Our Curly?

The Hollywood Reporter…reports that Will Sasso may be cast in The Three Stooges. Insiders claim that the MADtv alum is a frontrunner for a role in the Farrelly brothers' film. While the obvious assumption would be for Sasso to play Curly, the Farrelly's will probably have a sizable wig budget, so speculation continues. Cher is also interesting in appearing in The Three Stooges, but given what happened with the Christopher Nolan/Catwoman rumors, we refuse to get ourselves worked up over nothing.

The Three Stooges Bring Their Slapstick Into the 21st Century, For Better or Worse

Remakes and reboots are the acme of corporate entertainment. Perhaps it was always so. Repetition usually makes money, a consumerist morphine drip. But The Three Stooges?

When it was reported that the Farrelly brothers were casting a Stooge remake, I, like countless Stooge fans, took a dim view. How could they possibly improve on the original? Or was this a cynical effort to cash in on Stooge nostalgia? None of it made sense.

For one thing, The Three Stooges are from another world. Their humor sprang from vaudeville, which was dead by the time they were making Columbia shorts. They crashed through the Depression, World War II, Hiroshima and [...]

Three Stooges Trailer Will Pinch Your Genitals Like an Angry Lobster

So, uh, the first trailer for The Three Stooges is out. I don't know what we were expecting for this remake, but if it was anything other than hot nuns, LOTS of eye-poking, and lobsters crawling down people's pants, we were gravely mistaken. Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Sean Hayes also speak like they're cruelly making fun of their accent coach, an effeminate 1930s newsboy recently transported to the present. (Side note: doesn't Chris Diamantopoulos look like Thin Nathan Lane with the Moe wig on?) Oh, and Snooki's in it.

Jennifer Hudson Joins The Three Stooges

As wacky as the highjinks are bound to in the Three Stooges movie, I'd rather we just cut to the case and make a film about the three nuns in charge of the Stooges' orphanage: Jane Lynch's Mother Superior, Larry David's Mother Mengele and now Jennifer Hudson's Three Stooges role Sister Rosemary. How do you live a life of quiet prayerfulness when Mother Mengele will just not shut up about the itchiness of the robes or the quality of the gruel?

Muttonheads Rejoice! The Threes Stooges Cast Is Complete

After a lengthy search, the Farrelly Brothers have cast Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe in The Three Stooges. Best known for his roles on 24 and The Starter Wife, Diamantopoulos will hopefully have enough simmering rage to give Will Sasso and Sean Haynes the scalp lacerations and retinal detachments they deserve.