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Lorne Michaels and Matt Lauer Talk 'SNL's History, Fans, and Legacy

To celebrate SNL's big 40th anniversary show this Sunday, Matt Lauer interviewed Lorne Michaels for Today to look back at the show's history and what's in store for its future. The two cover everything from the original cast (Michaels says "the show stands on their shoulders") to whether Michaels plans to be at SNL for its 45th anniversary to his thoughts on people who look at the show nostalgically: "In high school you have the least amount of power you're ever gonna have. You don't get to drive, you don't have any money…staying up with friends late on a Saturday is great, and people attach to a cast."

Watch Nick Offerman's Appearance on 'The Today Show'

Here's Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman on The Today Show this morning, promoting his new book, Paddle Your Own Canoe, while Al Roker and Willie Geist interview him while sitting on top of each other in a canoe for some reason.

Julie Klausner Makes Her 'Today Show' Debut

Here's comedian, writer, and podcaster Julie Klausner making what we hope is the first of many appearances on The Today Show this morning, sitting down with Today's Willie Geist, who gets in a nice Keith Richards slam. Klausner is on the show as an emissary for New York magazine's entertainment blog Vulture, introducing the Today Show audience to Vulture's Approval Matrix. It's part of a new gig Klausner has with Vulture that involves her making weekly original videos for the site and also appearing as the public face of Vulture on TV as needed. Comedians and morning TV haven't always gone together well (Letterman's 1980 morning show [...]

Billy Eichner Manages to Be Louder than Hoda and Kathie Lee Combined on 'Today'

If you haven't fully woken up today, the ridiculous combined power of Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Billy Eichner will fix that for you in about five seconds. Eichner stopped by Today this morning — which he describes as his own Breaking Bad — to promote the new season of Billy on the Street, play a game of "Celebrity Child or Kentucky Derby Winner," and impatiently writhe in his chair like a toddler while screaming "WE HAVE TO PLAY A GAME!!" when Hoda and Kotb get sidetracked telling him how loud he is. In any case, there's probably no higher compliment for Eichner than being called crazy by [...]

Matt Lauer Would Totally Host 'SNL' If They Wanted Him To

"No. I don't think I'll be asked to do it, but I would do it, if asked. If elected, I will serve, I'll tell you that."

Today Show guy Matt Lauer in response to Zach Galifianakis asking him if he's ever hosted SNL.

Louis C.K. Was on The 'Today Show'; Is Comedy's Ketchup

This is a decidedly odd piece on Mr. C.K. Apparently, the fact that he curses is his most defining feature. Though, I think challenging him to do one completely clean special is a cool idea. He'll have to think of a really clever way to describe masturbating.

Jimmy Fallon Gives Jay Leno a Lifetime 'Tonight Show' Guest Spot Invitation

On this morning's Today show, Matt Lauer sat down with Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon to discuss the upcoming Tonight Show host transition ahead of Leno's final episode tomorrow night, and Fallon was sure to make it clear that Leno is welcome as a guest on the New York Tonight Show anytime. He told Lauer:

I'm just looking forward to the new chapter in my life. I told Jay, I gave him a roundtrip ticket to New York — coach, because he's humble. He could always upgrade if he wants. Honestly, as many jokes as he wants. The stage is his, he knows that. So whenever he wants, [...]

Zach Galifianakis Interrupted 'The Today Show' Twice This Morning

Zach Galifianakis was a guest on The Today Show this morning, and prior to his interview, he wandered on screen a couple times to interrupt the show. The first time, he walks past Natalie Morales texting on his phone in the background while she's reading the news. In the second, he interrupts a creepy segment where Martha Stewart talks to two dudes she met on an online dating site, bringing her flowers and saying he's her third suitor. Stewart tries to playfully insult him but can't seem to remember the names of any of his movies for the little joke she makes.

Bill Cosby: Not a Donald Trump Fan

Say, I wonder how Bill Coby feels about the potential presidential run of Donald Trump! So…not into it, then?