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Jimmy Fallon Makes John Oliver Relive His Last 'Daily Show' Episode

Ahead of the premiere of his new HBO show this Sunday, John Oliver dropped by Tonight Show only to be forced to rewatch his very emotional Daily Show goodbye episode. Click through to watch Oliver take Fallon on a journey through all of his defaced NYC billboard ads as well as his "nauseating" interview with The Hollywood Reporter for his recent cover story.

Watch Bill Cosby Walk a Tightrope with Jimmy Fallon on His Back

Here's a clip from last night's Tonight Show of guest Bill Cosby walking a tightrope after Jimmy Fallon jumps on him piggyback-style for the ride, because why not? Click through to watch Cosby get more and more irritated when Fallon can't help but bring out his Cosby impression.

Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' Is Still Killing It in the Ratings

According to Variety, while Fallon was expected to do well as new host of The Tonight Show, just how well he's been doing has risen far above previous expectations. Last week's late night Nielsen ratings have come in, and The Tonight Show raked in an average of 4.26 million viewers, easily beating out Kimmel (2.83 million) and Letterman (2.78 million) and up ahead of Leno's ratings from a year ago by 27% in total viewers. Kimmel's final Austin show fared pretty well with a 3.46 viewers average, making it his third most watched episode ever behind the 2013 Matt Damon takeover and last month's Scandal return episode. [...]

James Franco and Jimmy Fallon Talk All Things Cowbell on 'The Tonight Show'

During a commercial break on Friday, Jimmy Fallon and guest James Franco chatted about Horatio Sanz appearing in one of Franco's grad students' films, which naturally led to some reminiscing about Fallon's performance in the famous cowbell sketch from back in 2000. Jimmy's breaking and Will Ferrell's crazy eyes/voice quivering/glasses fogging are also covered.

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon Play a Risky Game of "Truth or Truth"

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon consider themselves both honest men, so the only way they could find out who was honester was through a tough game of "Truth or Truth," which somehow seems to make them both seem totally untrustworthy. Click through to watch Colbert's interview with Fallon, in which he recounts sitting next to Michelle Obama for dinner at the White House and maxing out his high school French-level knowledge with France's president François Hollande.

Watch Brian Williams Rap "Gin and Juice" on 'The Tonight Show'

NBC news anchor Brian Williams was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and Fallon welcomed him back the only way he knows — by mashing up a bunch of his Nightly News clips into a full rap video of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice."

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon Sell Blenders and Choppers on QVC

Arnold Schwarzenegger has undoubtedly recited his famous "Get to the choppa!" line for fans countless times since 1987, but Jimmy Fallon found a creative new way to get Arnold to say the famous line again using an entirely new context set in a QVC informercial. Arnold really has no patience for that stainless steel blender.

Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Form a Two-Man Doo-Wop Group

The great Billy Joel was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and count on Jimmy Fallon to not only sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with him at the desk, but sing with him in a four-part harmony using a handy iPad looping app. Just more proof that Fallon can do anything.

Watch Nate Bargatze Do Standup on 'The Tonight Show'

Nate Bargatze made his Tonight Show standup debut last night, covering everything from the problem with Under Armour and P90X before-and-after bodies to the realization that if he wants a tiger, he now knows a guy who can get him a pretty decent deal on one.

Report: NBC Demanding That Stars Only Appear on Fallon's 'Tonight Show'

It looks like NBC brass have figured out a way to take full advantage of Jimmy Fallon's stellar ratings over on the new Tonight Show, if the following rumor is true. TMZ reports that NBC is allegedly pressuring celebrities who want to be on The Tonight Show against appearing on other networks' late night talk shows and even morning shows as well, the only exception being NBC shows like Dateline, Today, and Late Night: "They put the word out to celebs, agents and publicists … if they want to be on Fallon they can't appear on ANY other network … and not just shows that go head-to-head with [...]

Joan Rivers Returns to 'The Tonight Show' After a Nearly 30-Year Ban

Aside from briefly appearing on Fallon's first episode in February, last night was the first night legendary comedian Joan Rivers got to be a guest again on The Tonight Show following a nearly 30-year ban since the mid-'80s. Rivers didn't tidy up her jokes just because of some ban though — expect material about dry ladyparts, emotional ethnic people, and some pretty offensive-sounding TV pitches she can't believe NBC never took her up on.

Watch Kevin Bacon's Epic 'Footloose' Entrance on 'The Tonight Show'

On Friday, Jimmy Fallon made the unfortunate announcement that dancing on The Tonight Show had been outlawed. That was the perfect opportunity for guest Kevin Bacon to make quite the musical entrance by resurrecting his now 30-year-old warehouse dance scene from Footloose backstage, complete with smashed beer bottles, confetti, and a round of backup dancers to help him prove he's still got it.

Kermit the Frog Sings "It's Not Easy Being Green" on 'The Tonight Show'

Celebrity guest Kermit the Frog sang his famous tune "It's Not Easy Being Green" last night on The Tonight Show, but Jimmy Fallon joined him near the end — green beer in hand — to remind him that to the contrary, St. Patrick's Day is actually the easiest day of the year to be green.

Jimmy Fallon Plays Putin's Kickstarter Video on 'Tonight Show'

Last night on The Tonight Show, Fallon showed the audience the video Vladimir Putin posted on his new Kickstarter page to raise funds for his latest passion project New Cold War. He also gives a great metaphor involving potatoes and passive-aggressive roommates to explain what exactly a cold war is.