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'The Tonight Show' Almost Broke Bill Cosby Last Night

Bill Cosby was on The Tonight Show last night to promote his new standup special, but instead he spent the first few minutes deconstructing the entire idea of a late night show by walking into the audience rather than to Jay's desk, then managing to get through an entire segment without really talking to the host at all. Below, he talks about his very first appearance on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon's Perception of His 'Tonight Show' Takeover Might Be a Bit Skewed

Jimmy Fallon has been visiting local affiliates in the run-up to his Tonight Show takeover in February, and at a recent stop in Florida, some of his recollection about the origins of the transition seems a bit off. He's quoted as saying:

“As soon as I got Late Night, I called Jay and said, ‘I want to let you know I want to start on the right foot. I respect you.’ I’ve been a guest on the show numerous times. I said, ‘I’m not gunning for your job. I’m not trying to plot anything. Whenever you’re ready to step down, let me know. But I’m happy at 12:30.’”

But as [...]

NBC Says It Won't Make the Johnny Carson Miniseries Without His Family's Approval

NBC's announced miniseries about the life of Johnny Carson will only go forward if the Carson's family is on board with the series, according to the Hollywood Reporter. NBC purchased the rights to the yet-to-be-published Carson biography Carson the Magnificent by Bill Zehme. The book was announced shortly after Carson's death in 2005, but after several postponements, no release date has even been set. Carson's nephew Jeff Sotzing, who runs the Johnny Carson Entertainment Group, says he won't give approval for the miniseries until he sees Zehme's book. And NBC, where Carson served as Tonight Show host from 1962 to 1992, is waiting for the family's blessing.

"We're not going to do this without [...]

Jay Leno's Staff Is Already Leaving 'The Tonight Show'

Jay Leno is set to once again leave The Tonight Show in February, but this time he won't have another (nearly identical) show to employ his staff. As a result, some are already jumping ship, according to Deadline reports, which reported that two producers have left to join Chelsea Lately over at E! Though the show ends early next year, all cast and crew will be paid until the end of Leno's contract with NBC, which runs until September of 2014. Leno has been reported to have about 170 staffers, though it's unclear whether that was before or after last year's layoffs.

Leno's future at NBC is still up [...]

JB Smoove Attempts to Solve Racism with Jay Leno

JB Smoove was on The Tonight Show last night, and he basically took it over right when he walked out onto the stage as only he can. I'm not sure his solution for racial tensions is all that practical, but I guess we'll see.

Andy Samberg Tries One of Those Commercials Where He Walks Across the Screen on 'The Tonight Show'

Andy Samberg was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and while discussing the fact that his show Brooklyn Nine-Nine is airing after the Super Bowl, he decided to try out one of those ads where the person from another show walks across the bottom of the screen. It was pretty funny, even if the camera person totally messed it up by zooming out waaayyy too far.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: The Tell-All Biography 'Johnny Carson'

Most people know Carson as the enigmatic personality who hosted The Tonight Show through some of America’s most revolutionary decades. As the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and other radicalizing events took tide, Carson permeated the American conscious though the TV set. At the peak of his career, Carson’s lawyer and best friend — author Henry Bushkin — knew the recluse Johnny Carson that lived after the cameras stopped rolling. In fact, Bushkin’s explosive, tell-all biography depicts Carson for who he really was: the womanizing, emotional, pistol-packing and at times cruel King of Late Night. Buskhin’s amusing yet unsettling anecdotes about Carson’s run-ins with the mob, [...]

Jay Leno Joked Again About Killing Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon was a guest on The Tonight Show on Friday, and Jay Leno continued his campaign to let everyone know he's totally cool with losing The Tonight Show this time by again joking around with his soon-to-be predecessor about how much he wants to kill him. Below is Leno's admittedly charming interview with Fallon, who he gave a preview of the Emmy speech he didn't get to give and tells a story about playing ping pong with Prince.

Watch Kristen Schaal Tell Jay Leno About Her First Trip to a Strip Club

Here's Kristen Schaal on The Tonight Show last night, telling Jay Leno about her first trip to a strip club and how her first lap dance turned into her feeling her stripper for lumps. Luckily, she didn't have any because that would have been a strange conversation.

Jay Leno: Working Class Hero

When I started this series I knew that sooner or later I would be writing about Jay Leno. No comedian has been as villainized in the past two decades as much as Leno. As soon as he replaced Johnny Carson as the host of The Tonight Show, Leno has been inundated with criticism from just about every corner of the comedy world. Almost overnight, Leno went from being a standup wunderkind to a representation of everything that is soulless and mediocre in the entertainment industry.

It didn't help that all of the dirty details concerning NBC’s handling of Carson’s torch passing was meticulously detailed in Bill Carter’s illuminating book, [...]

A.D. Miles Will Continue as Jimmy Fallon's Head Writer on 'The Tonight Show'

When Jimmy Fallon moves to The Tonight Show in February, he's taking his head writer with him. Comedian A.D. Miles, who's held the head writer position on Fallon's Late Night since it began in 2009, has closed a deal to continue doing the same job on The Tonight Show, Deadline reports. Miles, who co-starred on Comedy Central's Dog Bites Man and appears in a lot of David Wain's stuff like Wet Hot American Summer, Wainy Days, and Role Models, frequently appears on-camera on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in segments like "The Ragtime Gals," "Joking Bad," and "Downton Sixbey."

As previously announced, ?uestlove and The [...]

Jimmy Fallon Is Going on Tour

Before taking over The Tonight Show in February, Jimmy Fallon is going on a small, six-city tour. Called "Jimmy Fallon's Clean Cut Comedy Tour," the show will hit St. Louis, Atlanta, Tampa, Seattle, LA, and Denver this fall, with standups Julian McCullough, Nate Bargatze, and Nick Thune slated to join Fallon on the road. I'm not sure exactly what the name "Clean Cut Comedy Tour" means, but it's probably just these four guys doing standup all with sharp new haircuts.

Check out the tour dates and ticket links below:

NBC Is Developing a Miniseries About Johnny Carson's Life

NBC announced this morning that they're developing a miniseries about the life of late night king Johnny Carson, who passed away in 2005. The untitled miniseries will be based on author Bill Zehme's upcoming biography, Carson the Magnificent: An Intimate Portrait, and the actor playing Johnny Carson has yet to be announced. The NBC project will follow Carson's life from his Nebraska childhood to his historic run as Tonight Show host from 1962 to 1992. The peacock network's announcement also says the miniseries will cover, "his often secluded off-camera life and friendships he made throughout his career as one of the most beloved TV personalities of all time." Given how [...]

Natasha Leggero Roasted Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show' Last Night

Standup Natasha Leggero is on the dais for Monday's Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, and she went on The Tonight Show last night to promote the event by roasting him with a bunch of jokes. The best one is "Would your parents not let you have denim as a child?"