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Patton Oswalt Presents Jimmy Kimmel with a Webby Award on Horseback

Last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live was briefly interrupted when Webby Awards host Patton Oswalt valiantly rode in on a white steed to present him with an award for his prank twerking video from last year. Hopefully Oswalt uses this setup for all talk show appearances going forward.

Patton Oswalt Will Host the Webby Awards

The Webbys, the biggest awards show dedicated to honoring stuff on the internet, announced today that Patton Oswalt will host the 2013 ceremony. Oswalt hosted last year's awards too. The ceremony will be held on May 21st and broadcast on demand the following day on the Webbys' website for the three people who will pay to see an internet awards show. Nominees this year include Burning Love, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Funny or Die, and other internet stuff. Voting is open for the next week at webbyawards.com. Unfortunately, it's too late for the video of Patton Oswalt ranting about Star Wars on the Parks and Rec [...]

The Webbys Awarded "Actress of the Year" to a Man, But Who Cares About the Webbys?

The Webby Awards are pretty stupid. Not that giving out awards for achievement on the internet is an inherently bad idea, but when in order to be considered for a nomination you need to pay a "submission fee" costing hundreds of dollars, it's tough to consider them even remotely relevant. I mean, look at the nominees in categories about web videos; they all come from big companies, such as Funny or Die, CollegeHumor, Broadway Video and The Onion (or from corporations such as Microsoft and Chipotle). Those folks put out great stuff, sure, but did they really have no competition at all from amateur groups? But very few [...]