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Kumail Nanjiani Launches a New Podcast That Will Break Down Every Episode of 'The X-Files'

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, Portlandia) is hosting a new podcast called The X-Files Files, which will find Nanjiani and a guest breaking down a different episode of The X-Files every week until he's done all the episodes.

The show is a part of podcast network Feral Audio, which also houses Dan Harmon's Harmontown, Call Chelsea Peretti, and more. Film critic Devin Faraci is Nanjiani's guest on The X-Files Files' first episode, which tackles the first two episodes of The X-Files. This marks the second podcast Nanjiani hosts. The other is The Indoor Kids, a video game show on Nerdist that he co-hosts with his producing partner/wife Emily V. Gordon.

Vince Gilligan and the Dark Comedy of 'Breaking Bad'

In a podcast interview earlier this year, Vince Gilligan described comedy and drama as "two muscles in the same arm." Few creators working in television have better coordination of those two muscles than Gilligan himself. His AMC drama Breaking Bad, which follows the bloody transformation of suburban science teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) into a meth dealer and starts its final season Sunday, shifts between comedy and drama so drastically — and yet so seamlessly — I've often found myself watching it as emotionally disoriented as a tearful Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) with a gun to Gale's head. Depending on what angle you're watching it from, Breaking Bad is [...]

The Jokes Are Out There: Investigating the Dark Humor of 'The X-Files'

Despite the letdown of the last two seasons and the unsatisfactory conclusion, I confidently say that The X-Files is one of the best shows of all time. To the casual TV fan, this might be a bit of a stretch. This was, after all, a show that had an entire episode centered around a human tapeworm and wasn’t exactly for everyone. To the show’s cult following, this is old news.

Wherever it lands on your cultural barometer, there’s no denying that The X-Files was a phenomenon. It was a show that took more risks than anything on TV at the time. It set the foundation for a whole [...]