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Thing X Is Shutting Down and Moving to AdultSwim.com

The makers of comedy website Thing X, which was launched by Adult Swim and a bunch of ex-Onion writers in October, announced this morning that the website ThingX.com will be going away. The staff of Thing X, however, and the site's content will be moving to AdultSwim.com where they can reach a larger audience, presumably still under the Thing X moniker. It's only the url ThingX.com that is being shut down. Thing X moves to Adult Swim this coming Monday, June 18th, so you have time to go on a big Thing X binge-watching/reading/listening session this weekend.

Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington Are Your New Siskel & Ebert

Going to the movies this weekend? Then, you'll wanna check out "On Cinema at the Cinema," a new web series for Thing X hosted by Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington (whom you might know better as his hack comic character Neil Hamburger). It's a video version of their podcast On Cinema, and here's the second installment, in which they review this weekend's new movies, Lincoln and Skyfall. Watch the video and I think you'll agree with me that Heidecker & Turkington are worthy successors to Siskel & Ebert.

Watch an Animated 'Superego' Video from Thing X

Here's a new animated video from the talented folks behind the excellent comedy podcast Superego, released by Thing X. It's about what may well be the wackiest cloud registry ever.

Ex-Onion Staff and Adult Swim Launch Thing X, “All the Internet You'll Ever Need”

Thing X, the new comedy website from Adult Swim and a bunch of former writers for The Onion went live today, and it's full of exciting comedy goodies of every variety. Headed up by ex-Onion editor Joe Randazzo, Thing X, which we profiled last week, is a mix of original videos and articles, all themed around an evil, click-hungry website. The whole site is pretty unique, and it seems unlike anything else out there on the internet. Thing X is only in its infancy, but it should grow and grow over the coming weeks. In addition to the videos, columns, and polls that are available now, an Adult [...]

Watch a New Animated Video from 'Superego'

Here's a new animated video the guys from the hilarious podcast Superego made for Thing X, the newish comedy website from Adult Swim and a bunch of ex-Onion writers. It also features the voice of Rob Delaney. Hopefully, there are more of these to come, as Superego's style fits so perfectly with the animated format that it's a wonder Adult Swim or Fox ADHD hasn't hired them to make a show already.

Everything We Know About 'The Onion' Writers and Adult Swim's New Website, Thing X

Earlier this year, we reported that the former Onion writers who stayed in NYC instead of moving back to Chicago are working on a new web video project with Adult Swim, and we finally have our first glimpse of the new website, Thing X, which will make its debut in a week on October 16th and is themed around a cartoonishly-evil corporation. The bare bones website, thingx.tv, is up now with the above video and a lengthy legal contract. You can also register for an account on the site, which results in you being e-mailed the following video: