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This Week in Comedy: A Whole Lot of Ron Burgundy and Amy Poehler

-Will Ferrell made SEVENTY Dodge ads as Ron Burgundy. Seriously, seventy.

-Adult Swim has two pilots premiering this month: Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories, and Flithy Sexy Teen$ from Paul Scheer.

-In honor of next Friday's premiere of The Birthday Boys on IFC, we looked at their best web videos.

-NBC bought a Swedish sitcom from Amy Poehler and her brother. Poehler also gave a wonderful speech about the importance of charity and her work with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

-We interviewed Marc Maron about his new special, Mark Normand about standup, Hannibal Buress about The Eric Andre Show, and Tom Lennon about Sean Saves the World.

-We [...]

Tim & Eric Meet Their Fans At The Corner Of Awkward And Cringe-Worthy

Tim and Eric are the anti-establishment punks of the comedy world. They don’t care about wacky premises, the rule of three, or even the time-honored pattern of setup -> joke -> punchline. No, these two have their own comedic agenda. If you’ve never seen their act before, there’s an infamous Absolut Vodka ad they made with Zach Galifinakis that could effectively serve as their manifesto. The story goes that they were given full creative control over the ad, the only caveat being that they had to mention the product. This is what they made.

Interested in some Absolut Vodka now? More importantly (because it clearly was to [...]

Is the Trailer for 'The Comedy' So Not Funny It's Funny Or Just Not Funny?

Negative reviews are positive reviews. Up is down. Black is white. Cats are chasing dogs. Beet and goat cheese salads are ordering us. This is the The Comedy, a "comedy" that supposedly garnered a ton of walkouts at Sundance. (Something the creators were probs pumped about.) The film stars Tim & Eric and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy and is about a bunch of hapless 30-somethings who are disenchanted with the universe, so they do awful shit to see how the world reacts. It will probably will be awful, which means it will be great, or it will be great, so that means awful, right? Ugh, I'm confused. Where's my [...]

Ask Tim & Eric What Drugs They're Taking on Reddit

Tim and Eric are doing an AMA on Reddit right now! So far most of their answers are explaining that they were not on drugs when making their sketches.

Take the Pledge to See Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

Tim and Eric want your pledge to watch their movie and definitely not the movie The Lorax. I guess it's too late for the Zit Twins to make an appearance in Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, but this is probably worth supporting anyway.

Watch the Debut Episode of Tim Heidecker's YouTube Cooking Show

Here's the first episode of Tim Heidecker's YouTube cooking show, Tim's Kitchen Tips, with guest Eric Wareheim. You'd barely know it was sponsored by Pitzman's Mustard.

Comedy Duo Tim and Eric Star in the Trailer for 'The Comedy', a Drama about Comedy

Here’s the new trailer for The Comedy, which, despite its title (and the fact that it stars Adult Swim duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) is a dramatic film. To make things more confusing, it’s a drama about comedy. The movie stars Heidecker as Williamsburg hipster and explores him and his friends’ love for sarcasm and irony and how hollow their lives are as a result of it. Co-written by its director Rick Alverson, The Comedy stars Wareheim, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, and Gregg Turkington (a.k.a Neil Hamburger) as Heidecker’s friends. The movie will be released on VOD and iTunes on October 24th and in limited release in theaters on [...]

There Could Be a Tim and Eric's Trillion Dollar Movie

Aside from the other good stuff about this interview with Tim and Eric – where T&E imitators go wrong, their Old Spice commericals, and of course the differences between making sketches and making a movie – the pair also hint at their plans for the future. Eric says, "I think we’d like to make more Tim and Eric movies, like Tim and Eric’s Trillion Dollar Movie—same kind of format, but then try some new shit." It'd be pretty great if it turned into a series and they eventually had to make a Tim and Eric's Septillion Dollar Movie. And spend a septillion dollars doing it.

These Celebrity Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Pledges Are Fun and Sometimes Scary

We'll see whatever movie you want, Weird Al, just don't tell us whose blood that is. More Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie pledge videos below, featuring Paul Rudd, Andy Samberg, Rashida Jones, Fred Armisen, Seth Green, Natasha Leggero, and Michael Ian Black. It's a regular "who's who" of comedians who know how to sign their name!

Comedy Stars Dominate Sundance's 2012 Film Selections

Oh, what's that, Sundance Film Festival's 2012 Dramatic Selections? You want to be re-named the Awesome List of Comedy Stars 2012 Selections? Because you include Tim and Eric's The Comedy and Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally's Smashed? And The End of Love with Michael Cera, For Ellen with Jon Heder, Nobody Walks with John Krasinski, Safety Not Guaranteed with Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass, and Save the Date with Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, and Martin Starr? Man, that's a lot of funny actors for a list of dramatic movies. Maybe we can work something out re: the name change. Check out the films' synopses below.

Adult Swim Announces New Projects from Paul Scheer, Tim & Eric, and More

Cable network Adult Swim unveiled a roster of new shows, specials and pilots this morning. Most notable are Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's new animated series Rick and Morty, which was announced previously and is expected to premiere sometime in 2014; Paul Scheer's high school drama parody pilot Filthy Sexy Teen$, which he co-created with NTSF:SD:SUV cohorts Jonathan Stern and Curtis Gwinn; and Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories, a pilot for an anthology series from duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim that features Zach Galifianakis in the pilot.

See below for the full slate of programming announced today, which also includes frat guy ghosts, satanic dogs, and new specials from [...]

Waiting for Meatwad: The Samuel Beckett/Adult Swim Connection

Trapped and forever stuck with people who annoy you. Trying to entertain one’s self, it’s futile. Never learning a lesson. Repetition. Mundanity. Futility. Guns and poo jokes.  These are common elements in much of the content on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, the network’s popular late-night programming that features both cartoon and real-action sketch comedy. They are also basic elements of Samuel Beckett’s work. And while irritation with idiots around you, stupidity and poo jokes have been staples of comedy for years, it is specifically by examining ennui and using absurdity as tool to comment on the human condition that Beckett has influenced modern comedy. This can be seen in [...]

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Was Less Than a Crowd-Pleaser at Sundance

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie showed at Sundance last week, and it looks like it was not universally beloved. About a third of the audience walked out, turned off by the film's "bloodshed, sadistic bathroom humor, and heavy-duty nincompoopery." (Nincompoopery. I would stay in a theater just to hear someone say "nincompoopery" over and over.) "The movie is not for everyone. But there is a part of us that is like, 'Yes!' if it moves people to yell at it or get out. That's great," Wareheim said. The movie's March 2 release date is approaching, so get your walking/yelling/laughing shoes on. (Probably your regular shoes will be [...]

Tim & Eric on B$M and the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV Show

Here's how Eric Wareheim describes his and Tim Heidecker's sense of humor in this article: “Awkward moments are…very much our thing." (I would guess that that ellipsis likely represents about 45 seconds to a minute of silence.) The pair, plus their Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie costar Will Forte, also discuss their penchant for post-production "glitch-outs" and their role in producing Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! show on IFC. And how hot turtlenecks are in Palm Springs. Art is suffering, as they say.