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This Week In Web Videos: 'Omelette Sunday'

We’ve covered so many superb web contributions in the almost two years that this column has been running. 78 of them to be exact. And today, we return to the series that started all this silly web magic: Tiny Apartment. Sort of. We’re really returning to the creator/stars behind it: Jesse Cantrell, Mike O’Gorman, and Pat Driscoll — veritable titans in the Internet comedy realm, familiar faces on many a TV commercial and late-night variety show, and now, bonafide TV big wigs with the sale of a Comedy Central pilot we’re eagerly awaiting.

With so many TV successes, it wouldn’t be unfathomable to think they’d stop breaking [...]

This Week's Web Series You Need To Watch: Tiny Apartment

There are two kinds of web series: those you nod along with while your least funny friend giggles and points at his dumb computer screen, and those that make you go on a copy/paste social media rampage where you plaster links on every square inch of the Internet, determined to share your personal moments of comedic transcendence with any and all who’ll watch.

Tiny Apartment is so the latter.

'Tiny Apartment' to Shoot a Normal-Sized Pilot for Comedy Central

Comedy Central has ordered a pilot for Tiny Apartment, the web series this very site called the best of 2011. (The series was also featured in a "This Week in Web Videos" column.) The show, like the web series, will be executive produced, written, and starring Jessie Cantrell, Mike O’Gorman and Pat Driscoll. One can assume the series will also feature an undersized or "tiny" apartment and the shenanigans that happen therein.

This Week’s Web Series You Need to Watch: Stay At Home Dad

Did he really just say that? But, he’s surrounded by moms…and kids!

There’s a simple recipe behind it, this thing we call comedy. Breaks in context. Deviations from what’s expected. Such is what makes humor funny. There’s no better proof to this proverbial pudding than adults behaving poorly in front of young children or, more accurately, adults acting like complete miscreants when charged with caring for young children.

Think about it.

Bad Santa, Big Daddy, Childrens Hospital, Adam Corolla’s brilliant Man Show karate sensei sketch, many scenes in Old School. The list goes on. Something just works about swapping in foul-mouthed recklessness where buttoned-up conscientiousness should stand. The [...]