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Lorne Michaels and Matt Lauer Talk 'SNL's History, Fans, and Legacy

To celebrate SNL's big 40th anniversary show this Sunday, Matt Lauer interviewed Lorne Michaels for Today to look back at the show's history and what's in store for its future. The two cover everything from the original cast (Michaels says "the show stands on their shoulders") to whether Michaels plans to be at SNL for its 45th anniversary to his thoughts on people who look at the show nostalgically: "In high school you have the least amount of power you're ever gonna have. You don't get to drive, you don't have any money…staying up with friends late on a Saturday is great, and people attach to a cast."

Carson Daly is Leaving 'Last Call' for 'Today'

Yesterday's speculation about the future of Last Call with Carson Daly has been settled, as Daly announced this morning that he'll be joining the morning team at the Today show. In a press release, NBC said Daly will remain an executive producer on Last Call and that "plans for a transition will be announced at a later date," which indicates that the future of NBC's 1:35am slot is still up in the air. Last Call is currently produced in Los Angeles, which would make it the only LA-based show on NBC's late night schedule if it stays.

Daly, meanwhile, will be launching something called "The Orange Room," a social media studio for Today. [...]

Joel McHale Drinks Some Morning Scotch with the Ladies of Today

The Today Show is the gift that keeps on giving, at least the last hour of it when Hoda and Kathy Lee are unleashed from the vodka soaking chambers that they rest in for the other 23 hours of the day. This morning, Joel McHale showed up bearing the gift of fine Scotch.

Kenan Thompson on the Rumor He's Leaving 'SNL': "You Don't Have to Worry About Stuff Like That"

Longtime SNL cast member Kenan Thompson made a brief appearance on this morning's Today show, where he was asked about the recent rumors that he'll be leaving the NBC sketch show at the end of this season and offered a vague response: "You don't have to worry about that stuff like that," Thompson said. "We have to worry about the premiere Saturday — its the 40th anniversary. That's what we need to focus on." Watch out for a quick appearance near the end from a highly offended Andy Samberg.

Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling Walk Into a Book Club…

This video of Today guests Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling recommending their favorite holiday books is pretty fun. Although how rude was it of Clinton to interrupt when Ann Curry was asking Mindy Kaling about her feelings on the situation in North Korea!? Anyway, there should be a follow-up video where they're each forced to read the books on the other one's list, just so we can see Bill Clinton chuckling at Bossypants and Mindy Kaling taking a nap on top of The Cure at Troy: A Version of Sophocles' Philoctetes.

John Oliver and Matt Lauer Talk 'Last Week Tonight'

Here's a Today Show clip where John Oliver — whose HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver premieres this Sunday — talks with Matt Lauer about the new show, what it's like seeing his face blown up on NYC billboards, and whether or not he'll drop his friendly British Daily Show persona for the new talk show.

Fallon Co-Hosts the Fourth Hour of Today with the Help of Jager

It takes a lot to get me to watch a clip from the Today show, but titling said clip "Fallon ready to host Today after Jager shots" meets the requirements.