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Watch Todd Barry Do Standup on 'Conan'

Todd Barry — who just released a new special via Louis C.K.'s website — did some standup on Conan last night, covering everything from cross-country red-eye flights to his three categories for all foods to his own First Annual Todd Barry Best Walgreens Awards, which he's not taking back from that store in Chicago just because of some police brutality.

Louis C.K. Is Releasing Todd Barry's New Special on His Website in March

Todd Barry has a new standup special, and he's teamed up with Louis C.K. to make it available online. During his Daily Show interview last night, C.K. announced that the special, titled Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour, will be available on his website in March. The special follows Barry's 2013 tour in which he did hourlong shows only relying on crowd work, which we spoke with Barry about back in May. The Crowd Work Tour makes the second standup special C.K. has released for another comedian (following Tig Notaro's Live) and the first he's both financed and produced — hopefully the first of many.

ADHD Review: 'Axe Cop' Drools; 'High School USA!' is a Teenaged 'South Park'

Sneak previews of Axe Cop and High School USA! will run Sunday at 9:30 and 9:45 p.m. eastern, respectively, with all due respect, on Fox. The shows will make their official series premieres beginning at 11 p.m. Saturday, July 27th.

Fox's initial raison d'etre was to be the "alternative" to the staid, lame network programming us human beings had foolishly grown accustomed to. While Fox still reaches the youngest viewers among the "big four" channels today, cable has become the home to the more subversive, niche, talked about TV shows. Not coincidentally, cable is also where more and more viewers, and more and more money, are going. This cannot [...]

Milkshake + Beer = Unhappy Todd Barry

A burger, fries, milkshake, and beer for lunch!? What could that person possibly do for a living? Professional nap taker? Human lab rat for heart disease research? Owner of a kid friendly burger joint? Actor in a play based on John Steinbeck's beer milkshake masterpiece, Cannery Row? Maybe all of the above, which is why he eats such a large lunch: The man has four jobs and needs the energy.

Todd Barry Goes on Letterman; Helps Future Kansas City Airport Visitors

Airplane food was a hack, overused premise but then slyly Todd Barry subverted that shit. "I'm doing a bit about airport food. You ready world?" is what Todd shouted before going on stage last night. To which the janitor backstage said, "Ok, sure. We're ready." To which Todd responded, "Alright, thanks." To which the janitor didn't respond because he already left the room. And scene!

Talking to Todd Barry About His New 'Crowd Work' Special

Todd Barry has a new crowd work standup special coming out on Louis C.K.’s website.

That’s the narrative we’ll be hearing over the next few weeks. Louie and Todd are friends, Louie thinks Todd is funny and offered to produce his special, Louie holds a lot of sway in the comedy world.

Just keep in mind Barry’s special isn’t some run-of-the-mill comedy special C.K. is producing as a favor.

A standup special consisting entirely of audience interactions hasn’t been done before, and Barry is definitely a master of the skill. This is going to be worth checking out.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Barry briefly about [...]

Watch Jerry Seinfeld and Todd Barry Chat on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Here's the latest episode of Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, with guest Todd Barry. In between all the usual product placement, Seinfeld and Barry have a interesting conversation about comedy and Seinfeld tries really hard to convince Barry that he needs to get a sports car.

Talking to Todd Barry About His New Podcast, 'Delocated,' and Doing an Hour of Pure Crowd Work

This podcasting thing must be here to stay because Todd Barry has one now. And Todd Barry is no Johnny-come-lately who’s going to fall for the latest fad. He’s far too much of an amazing and highly regarded comedian for that.

Barry launched The Todd Barry Podcast last month on the Feral Audio network. The format is nothing new – it’s essentially Barry interviewing his comedian friends in his New York apartment – but it’s great to hear him be sincere for a moment and break character from the Todd Barry World Famous Comedian he plays on his must-follow Twitter feed.

Barry has long been a staple [...]

The Pre-Show Rituals of Comedians Just Before They Go On Stage

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Performing on stage can be a daunting experience for even the most accomplished standup. While stage fright is something one gets better at facing with experience, there’s still a lot to be nervous about as something can always go wrong. While some comedians scoff at the idea of a pre-show ritual altogether, others swear by their routines.

Take Louis C.K., arguably the top standup in the country right now. When asked what he does before a show via Reddit earlier this year, C.K. brushed the question off with [...]

Todd Barry Is Going Super Crazy for an Hour on Comedy Central

Set them DVRs: Todd Barry's new hour-long special for Comedy Central, entitled "Todd Barry: Super Crazy," premiers on Saturday, July 21 at 11:00pm. I assume based on the title that this is the special where Todd really lets loose with his famous array of big, over-the-top characters.

Louis C.K. Says He Doesn't Intend to Be a Wholesale Comedy Mogul

“I’m not going to become some mogul, putting out wholesale chunks of comedy. If I find something I haven’t seen, that’s unique, and I could get it out the right way, then I’ll do it.”

Louis C.K. in a New York Times piece about the release of Todd Barry's new standup special Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour, which is now available via C.K.'s website.

This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Mike Birbiglia Chills With Todd Barry, Writers Discuss the 'Anti-Sitcom' & More

The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy. Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. Also, we'll keep you posted on the offerings from our very own podcast network. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy.

The Todd Barry Podcast – Mike Birbiglia

ROB: Sometimes you just [...]

Todd Barry Has a Podcast Now

Beloved stand-up Todd Barry (Delocated, Louie) launched his own podcast today. Aptly titled The Todd Barry Podcast, the show debuted its first episode this afternoon on podcast network Feral Audio, with fellow comedian Tom Shillue serving as Barry's guest for the inaugural show. Here's the official description of The Todd Barry Podcast:

Highly regarded and amazing comedian Todd Barry talks to friends – and maybe people he doesn't know – about their careers, travel, food, and various other topics. Sounds good, doesn't it? Yeah. It really does.

Barry is a really funny guy and getting him to do a podcast is a real coup for Feral Audio and [...]

Todd Barry, the King of Twitter Trending Topics

"Yeah, I do [participate in tending topics on Twitter]. It’s probably annoying. It’s just easy. Some guy said I don’t participate in these trending topics, I ruin them. Which I think he said affectionately because he always retweets me. I sometimes think, ‘Oh, I should back off that because it’s getting tiresome,’ but it’s fun to just make them as stupid as possible." – Todd Barry on his mastery of trending topic participation. His example of a good one: in response to "Songs That Cancel Each Other Out," he did "I Love Chinese Food’ by The Beatles,” and “I Don’t Like Chinese Food’ by The Rolling Stones.”