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Louis C.K. and His Dedication to Experimental Film

Last year when Louis C.K. released his 1998 feature film debut Tomorrow Night, it seemed like a move that didn’t quite add up. Here’s this guy, A-list comedian, has his own cable TV show — suddenly he’s putting out this black and white art film. Why? His show now isn’t necessarily laugh-out-loud funny, but it’s certainly a different kind of thing than Tomorrow Night. That’s like Lars von Trier showing us all a HBO half hour from 20 years ago. How did this happen?

Well, if you’ve had the time to comb through old comedian interviews over and over at your job like I have, you’ll notice that Louie has [...]

Louis C.K. Announced on 'Letterman' He's Putting His First Movie Online for $5 Tomorrow

Last night, Louis C.K. paid Letterman — who wasn't very happy with C.K.'s clothing choices — a visit to talk about his varied film roles, ideal fame level goal, and shooting the last episode of Louie in Beijing. He also announced that starting tomorrow at noon, his first film Tomorrow Night will be available to purchase on his website for $5. Click through to watch two more clips from the interview.

'Tomorrow Night' Is Like a Louis C.K. Student Film

Watching Louis C.K.'s first feature film, Tomorrow Night, which he just made available on his website for $5, I can't help but be reminded of a quote from the title character in the Coen Brothers' latest movie, Inside Llewyn Davis: "When you're in the entertainment business, you're not supposed to let your practice shit out. It ruins the mystique." Tomorrow Night didn't really "ruin the mystique" of Louis C.K. as a filmmaker for me, but it does definitely feel like practice.

An 87-minute surreal black-and-white comedy Louis C.K. wrote, directed, and produced independently in between seasons of The Chris Rock Show in 1997, Tomorrow Night played at a Sundance and a few other film [...]

Watch Louis C.K. Talk 'Tomorrow Night' with Jon Stewart

Following up his appearance on Monday night's Letterman, Louis C.K. sat down with Jon Stewart last night and showed a new clip from his 1998 film Tomorrow Night, which will be available for $5 via C.K.'s website today at noon. The two also talked about writing together for the 1989 series Caroline's Comedy Hour and the time Stewart lent C.K. $5,000 to make Tomorrow Night, which hopefully he now sees as a decent investment. Click through to watch part 2 of Stewart's extended interview with C.K. as well as read the comedian's most recent update about the film.