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Mike Birbiglia Insists He's Not a Creep on 'Tonight Show'

On last night's Tonight Show, standup Mike Birbiglia told a story about the time a pretty girl boarded the Brooklyn bus he was on and changed everything, despite how much he tried not to be creepy. Click through for Birbiglia's "My Summer Job" segment, in which he looks back on his days as a busboy in Cape Cod.

9 Reasons Why Jay Leno's Retirement Will Be the End of Late Night Drama

Reports surfaced recently that NBC executives are exploring the option of replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show when Leno's contract runs up in September 2014. For those who follow these late night skirmishes, it seems like this is happening awfully soon after 2010's Leno/Conan Tonight Show debacle, in which Leno handed over his show and happily took it back less than a year later when his primetime talk show failed. NBC will probably keep Leno around longer than 2014, but the fact that they're starting to explore a post-Leno Tonight Show means the big transition isn't so far away. It's likely, though, that this will [...]

Turner Classic Movies Will Reair Old Johnny Carson Interviews

Turner Classic Movies just signed a deal to repackage some classic Johnny Carson Tonight Show interviews into a series of hour-long specials. The LA Times reports that TCM will create 10 one-hour specials under the name "Carson on TCM" and begin airing them in the summer of 2013. TCM will also be running Carson interviews individually in between its programs, pairing the interviews with movies that feature the actor or actress interviewed. Classic Carson interviews that will be packaged into these specials include ones with Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, Drew Barrymore, Steve Martin and Elizabeth Taylor, and it'll be the first time many of these clips have aired [...]

Louis C.K. Made Fun of Jay Leno's Funny Face; Is Going on Tour

In total, Leno has hosted the Tonight Show for about 19 years and last night Louis said what everyone has been thinking: Why is your face like that? It is such a weird combination of circles and points. Below Louis also talks about selling tickets to his next tour on his website, which he had announced online a few hours earlier. As he explained, he went around Ticketmaster with the hope of getting the ticket prices lower. He wrote on his site: "Tickets across the board, everywhere, are 45 dollars. That's what you'll actually pay. In every case, that will be less than anyone has actually paid to [...]

'Community's' McHale and Brie Charm Their Respective Late Night Hosts

With the upfronts coming up next week, Joel McHale and Alison Brie reminded us of the benefit of casting such good-looking, charming actors. While McHale was talking about Conan getting super drunk at their kids' playdate (take a second to imagine how fun that playdate was…k, seconds over) and discussing the finer points of leather pants wearing with Andy, Brie was animaling balloons, kind of flirting with Garry Shandling (who can blame her), and talking about getting an unfortunate massage (unfortunate for her, not the guy who saw her butt). If only Nielsen ratings were decided by charm, Community would trounce those Big Bang Theory nerds. After the jump, [...]

'SNL' Review: Jimmy Fallon's Christmas Miracle

Boy, did SNL need a win. The months following September's successful season premiere with Tina Fey saw a mixed bag of lackluster hosts, unmemorable sketches, and distracting media scrutiny. Even Kerry Washington's enjoyable November episode was overshadowed by the show's diversity controversy — Washington's hilarious performance only seemed to underscore SNL's lack of a black woman in the cast (an issue that will apparently be resolved in January). Furthermore, when beloved comedy stars Paul Rudd and John Goodman produced surprisingly disappointing episodes over the past few weeks, and with the coming departure of head writer Seth Meyers, SNL's future was looking grim.

Then [...]

Kimmel: "I Don't Believe Jay Leno Has Actual Feelings"

"I always feel bad if I hurt anybody's feelings, but I don't believe Jay Leno has actual feelings, and he doesn't seem to be that worried about other people's feelings."

- Jimmy Kimmel talking about making fun of Jay Leno in a new interview with Playboy.

Leno Took a 50% Pay Cut

A few weeks ago we reported that Jay Leno took a "tremendous" pay cut to try and save some jobs at the Tonight Show. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that "tremendous" meant 50%, which is a lot percent. It's like A LOT a lot. Do you have a job? Cut your salary in half and start to cry. It moved his salary to "only" $15 million. NBC chief confirmed that the move stems from when the show moved from 10:00pm back to 11:35pm. As he put it: "All we did was bring it back down to pre-prime-time levels." Also, there is the fact that NBC's banana [...]

Watch "Johnny Carson: King of Late Night" Right Now

There has been a good amount of Johnny Carson talk the last few days so if you want to know what any of us were talking about, this PBS special is one hell of an overview. From what I understand, from watching this, JC was the best at everything – drums, comedy, magic, interviews, cheating on his wife – you name it. Also, the man was a legend and rightfully so. It's worth a watch, if only to see Arsenio Hall talk more on television than he has for 15 years.

Leno and Fallon Both Made Light Monologue Jokes About the 'Tonight Show' Thing Last Night

After a report yesterday in The New York Times confirmed that NBC is planning to replace Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon as Tonight Show host next year, the situation crept into both hosts' monologues last night. Fallon kicked off his show by saying, "Before we get started, I have to talk about the rumors that came out today that I'll be moving up to 11:30 – or as my parents call it, 'Eh, still too late." He added, "Actually the rumors are true; NBC is turning the Tonight Show into a diving competition." That's the only reference Fallon made to the Tonight Show handover. Leno steered clear of Tonight Show talk but [...]

Jimmy Kimmel: "Jay Leno Can't Stay on TV Forever"

Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on the rumors of NBC replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in 2014 this morning, saying, "The fact is that NBC is going to make a decision someday. As much as he would like it, Jay Leno can’t stay on television forever and Jimmy Fallon is the heir apparent." Kimmel discussed the matter during a conference call with reporters about his program's upcoming time shift, which will see him directly competing with Leno (and his hero Letterman) for the first time ever when Jimmy Kimmel Live moves from 12:05am to 11:35pm on January 8th. During the call, Kimmel compared Leno to [...]

SHIT JUST GOT REAL: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to Move to 11:30

In January, Jimmy Kimmel Live will begin airing five nights a week at 11:35pm, putting it in direct competition with Jay Leno and David Letterman. It's a risky move for ABC, as it will force Nightline, which often beats both Leno and Letterman, to move to 12:35am (a time when tons of people still want to watch the previous day's news, right?). The move reflects Jimmy's recent emergence. With his solid White House Correspondents Dinner performance and the Emmy Awards next month, Jimmy has never been more relevant. There's also a bit of long term planning here. Kimmel is establishing himself at 11:30 against two competitors in their [...]

Can You Guess Whom Johnny Carson Asked to "the Couch"?

As yesterday's Drew Carey interview revealed, for the 30 years Johnny Carson hosted the Tonight Show, getting an offer to sit on the couch after your performance instantly changed stand-ups lives. Carl Reiner said, it "was like the Pope blessing you." Overnight, comedians would go from a feature act to taking meetings with the biggest agencies and managers. Today, late night appearances are nice but they have barely a fraction of the influence Johnny had.

Below are 13 clips from comedians' first time on the Tonight Show. For how rare it was to get asked to sit on the couch, being asked on your first time was damn near [...]