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Elizabeth Laime and the Lessons Learned From Podcasting

Elizabeth Laime knows all too well that all good things must totally come to an end. Her flagship podcast, Totally Laime, is winding down its five-year run with a final flurry of episodes, the last of which will drop on January 23rd. It's shaping up to be a fond farewell that won't leave fans of Laime and her cohost/husband, Andy Rosen, completely empty handed, considering that a mini-empire of Totally spinoff podcasts are still going strong. We talked to Laime about how luck, laziness and low expectations can somehow be the perfect recipe for success.

Well, it's the final countdown. How are you feeling?

You know, I'm pretty excited. [...]

The Earwolf Challenge Declares its Winner

It's a big week for the Earwolf podcasting network for two reasons: 1) Earwolf's partnership with Funny or Die just kicked off on Monday, and 2) After two months of intense competition, it's time to crown the winner of the first-ever Earwolf Challenge. In the contest that aims to be the American Idol of comedy podcasting, 10 amateur programs entered for a chance to become Earwolf's newest show. The winning podcast will appear amongst the other shows on Earwolf's official website (and on Funny or Die) for one year, providing a major boost in listeners from what's become the leading network in comedy podcasting.

This Week in Comedy Podcasts

Good news: April showers bring May podcasts. Or something about podcasts going in your ears like lambs, because they are soft and nice, and out of your ears like lions, because if you stop listening to podcasts, your dad will be killed by stampeding wildebeasts. Well, now I'm sad remembering that scene – thanks, previous sentence. You know what makes me happy, though? Podcasts! Here are our picks for this week's best:

This Week in Comedy Podcasts

What's up, podcast fans? Jesse Fox, who normally runs Splitsider's weekly podcast roundup, is on assignment at SXSW this week, so he's left me in charge of the column just like the time my parents left me their house for a weekend as a teenager while they went on vacation. Will I violate the trust Jesse Fox has placed in me by turning this into the blog post equivalent of a debaucherous, out-of-control house party? Or will I err on the side of nerdy caution like I did on that weekend in high school when I kept it a complete secret from my friends that my parents were out-of-town, refusing to [...]